How to get back on the wagon?


ETA: Sorry I didn't see the "3 months postpartum.." post...

Hey All,

My baby girl is now about 10 weeks old and I am desperately in need of getting back on the ball as far as exercise is concerned... I started doing an Intensity Series rotation about 2 weeks ago when it seemed that the baby had a nice little nap routine going, but then she went and switched it up on me and is now sleeping less and at different times...

I've resorted to working out when I put her to sleep for the night, but sometimes it's as late as 9 or 10 and I'm exhausted by then (and, as a result, end up skipping workouts)! I can't keep doing that, but exercise is "me" time that I treasure and helps to keep me sort of sane. On a side note, I am currently trying to get through the "No Cry Sleep Solution," but as you can imagine, it's hard getting through a book when you also need to get in sleep of your own...

Any words of inspiration/advice/motivation?

Thanks in advance!
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I dont have any advice b/c I'm right there with you. My DD is 7 weeks old and sleeps at unpredictable times (when she sleeps...she fights naps like no other). I have only gotten ONE workout in for the past week and a half. And by the time she goes down for the night I'm beat so I end up going to bed really early. I hope to get back into working out b/c my body and self esteem need it!
I'll probably be asking for the same advice when my baby comes. I fell totally out of it with my last son I tend to fall "off the wagon" as you put it and I just need a kick back on sometimes. When you have a baby though it is more complicated due to less sleep and such. I read the 'no cry sleep solution' and plan to use her methods also. I recently bought 4ds because I wanted SOMETHING I could push myself back into. 30 minute-ish tuff workouts sound like the ticket. I can't wait to try them out. I don't want to expect too much. I just want to stay "on the wagon" and with time increase my workouts intensity and time. Lets hope it works out for me and I hope that maybe will help you. Try starting with shorter workouts and work up. I was eyeing kelly coffee-meyers 30 min kickboxing w/os shes coming out with also.
Hi B.
The short answer is - just do it.

You have to make yourself. And you know from past experience how much better you feel when you do. So do what you can, and take however long it does.

Some days, you may have to do 10 minute increments at a time. Some days you may get in a whole workout if you catch a nap at the right time. But just do it. You can let the baby fuss a bit while you finish a set - it will be good for both of you! And you know first hand that your energy will pick back up when you're working out again.

So just remember how good you used to feel, and make yourself start doing it again. It's OK if you don't do a whole workout all at once. I had days where an hour long workout took me 2 hrs because I had to stop and feed the baby, or put the bink back in, or put him in his bouncer, etc. Just get back to it when you've soothed him.
when my roomate's baby was little

she put the baby in her stroller and took little miss Julia with her for rip roaring fast walking (I could barely keep up.) Maybe some cardio coach, a ipod shuffle and walking would work? Yes, no maybe?

I'm not a mom btw, but I did a lot of work with a premie.. . so I don't really know how you feel. so maybe I shouldn't comment. . . .:eek:
I'm also going for a jogging stroller this time around. Hope to get baby used to it early and get out for atleast some walks maybe jogs. I'm not used to running so we'll see how that goes. I do have cardio coach but haven't tried it yet. I'm not sure its something I should start trying while expecting or not.
I think the babytrend jogging stroller folds down like a regular one. if so thats what I want! I like the carseat too cause the handle is easier to hold onto.
me, too (and baby trend stroller)

My JJ is 9 weeks now and it certainly is hard to get back on the wagon! Even once the baby falls asleep, by the time I get myself and my space ready to workout I've only been able to do 25 minutes of any of my vids, tops. So far what has worked best as far as getting a GOOD workout: (1) getting out for a class here and there (this means leaving the baby with my husband for about 90 minutes), and (2) super long walks with the baby in the jogger. I am not a runner but I put my heart rate monitor on and go for long walks, 2-3 hours sometimes, trying to hit as many hills as possible. Also, I get errands done while I am out (post office, pharmacy, even the grocery store) For me it helps to have a destination rather than just a time or mileage goal. This may not be an option depending on where you live. I do often stop to nurse along the way and for me the Boston winters will probably limit my walks pretty soon. Hopefully by that point the baby will be able to play on his own for longer and I can do more videos.

Someone mentioned the baby trend stroller and this is what I have - the baby trend expedition travel system from babies-r-us. I absolutely love it but two things you should know. It is a total pain in the behind to fold the stroller and once folded it is still enormous) so may not fit in your car if it's not an SUV or wagon). Also, I find the restraint system in the carseat to be difficult compared to others. Both of these things are easily overlooked for me, though. I walk the stroller right in and out of my garage so I barely ever need to fold it at all. The car seat base stays in our one car all the time but I'm sure you can buy another for a second car. We are considering purchasing a snap-n-go thing for the carseat so that we do have a more lightweight and simple stroller option to go in the car. Just thought I should share and hope it helps with your decision!

Wendy -thanks for sharing on the stroller. maybe I'll get a snap-n-go for the car. Although I do have an SUV I don't know if I want the stroller to take the whole trunk.
I can understand completely how you feel about not having as much time. My little one is almost a year now! times flies! I def dont have as much time as I use to. Between work and taking care of him, down time is far and few between. I remember doing a lot of walking with the stroller. He loved it and would always fall asleep in the stroller. It will get better with time and you will find time to work out. I would not stress over it too much.


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