How Heavy in Slow & Heavy


I just got S&H and I did the Chests, Back portion the other day. I was in shock that I was using weights that were MUCH higher than Cathe. In some cases I was using 25 and 30lbs when she was using 15's! Am I doing something wrong? And to boot I didn't even have DOMS all that bad. Would I be feeling it more if I used lighter weights? I was able to keep her count too so I wasn't rushing it.

I'm not new to weight training at all so maybe that's it?

Would love to hear what you all use.


Just my 2 cents - I think with her older workouts she goes much lighter than her "real" level. The market for home weight training was still new. She needed to sell "you can do this" at home. I'm sure if she used bigger weights especially then it would of turn folks off.
The thing is women just were starting to really get the message. I started weight training in the late 90's and no other women were using the weights. They were all cardio "queens" at least in B'ham. I'm sure more progressive areas of the US and world weren't as slow :D to muscle is sexy.

jamie vaughn

I agree. I just did the leg workout for the 1st time today and based on your comments I decided to wear my 20lb weight vest and altered Cathe's listed weight amounts somewhat. I really enjoyed this with the additional weight and slow reps. It's over in no time so I followed it up with some tabatas from Mindy Mylrea and felt totally worked out.


Yep! I use heavier weights than she does in almost all of her older weight workouts. I still do S&H, Pure Strength and GymStyles, and go heavier on all of them. I think part of it is that she did go lighter back then, but also I am stronger because of doing her workouts like Burn Sets. That one really got me lifting heavier on everything!

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