How do you store your downloads?


I am wondering the same. I want to buy some more, but don't want to use all my space. I was wondering if I could download to a stick.


I recently downloaded the Cathe Live road trip legs and bought a couple others ones. I copied them on a stick - used it this morning to do a workout and it worked out great. I also have an Apple Ipod from years ago with some downloads. I want to transfer them to a bigger screen but don't know how. When doing the travel one, I watch it on the tiny screen. It works but...


I have some on google drive so I can access from just about anywhere. Following to hear other options!


I store mine on an external portable hard drive. The drive plugs into my Macbook via a USB port. I find it works best when I connect the Macbook to my TV directly through an HDMI cable. This setup works really well for me but it wouldn't work well for traveling. You have to make sure itunes knows to find the files on the external drive. The brand I've been using is Seagate and haven't had any problems with it. They make really compact ones these days that have plenty of storage. I think mine is a 1 TB.


I purchased two Cathe Live workouts. I stored them on a usb stick and they did not play. The media player on my.laptop does not support it.


I have my downloads on 2 1 TB external hard drives. My primary drive is plugged into my DVD player and I use it everyday. My secondary drive is for back up purposes just in case the first drive fails or a file becomes corrupted. I just switched the back up to an SSD drive. I almost always buy both DVDs and downloads. My Cathe download library is > 150 GB. The hard drives will work for a long time even now that I started to buy Live downloads.

Cathe's download format is M4V which is the same as mp4 for all practical purposes. Windows media player plays them without any problem. Most DVD players and TVs can play them directly from a USB drive. If you are having a problem playing them, make sure that the files have the right extension (M4V). If you are still having problems, contact customer service. They are always very helpful.


Mine are stored on my computer. My husband bought it for me and I know it has a huge hard drive--in the TBs--but I don't know the exact number. My AppleTV in my workout room is connected to it. If I had to do it from a small screen (anything other than my TV) I wouldn't stream or use downloads at all. I actually have more than what is on my computer that is stored on an external hard drive. If I ever want to do those my husband transfers them onto my computer for me. But all of my favorites (which is a lot!) are always on my computer. I am not tech savvy at all but my husband is so I rely on him to take care of the details.

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