Hope everyone made it home safe and sound


Hope everyone had/has safe travels home from the road trip. What a weekend! I had so much fun meeting and visiting with many of you.

I want to send a big thank you to Cathe and and her crew for pulling off yet another wonderful road trip. It was hard to leave yesterday. The weekend goes by so fast. We are so fortunate for you to offer us the opportunity to come and work out with you live and have a chance to meet you in person. Even though I have been to several road trips, the excitement and energy never gets old. Thanks again for a fabulous weekend.



I wanted to bump this thread and say what a blast I had with all "yall" and with Cathe in Houston! Yee-haw it was fun!!!! Cathe, and crew ...you guys ARE FIRE!!! (Which in my language means "awesome") The road trip as usual exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed everyone so much!!!!! Cardio Core Circuit rocked my weekend, Cathe!

My only regret is that I missed saying goodbye to some new friends I met, so here's my shout out to Lisa, to Angelique, to Candy, to Amanda, to Pinky, to Spike the photo guy, and everyone else who I had the pleasure of meeting.....big "High fives" to all!


Hi Jean,

Lincoln and I just made it home. It is Friday night at 11:00 p.m. 3400 miles under our belts! We had a fabulous time. We really enjoyed visiting with you, and hope to see you again.



You two made a true road trip out of the road trip, LOL. Hope you enjoyed the sights along the way. It was a pleasure meeting you and Lincoln.

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