Holiday HIIT, Kickboxing and Boot Camp Commitment


I was doing the Retro thing a while back, starting from Cathe's first workouts and going forward in time, but there was too much dread factor in the step workouts. I'm just not coordinated enough. Along the way I discovered this love of her kickboxing stuff, and I've always liked HIIT. Having developed tennis elbow in late summer, I had to quit doing strength training for a while but feel sufficiently recovered to ease back into it with boot camp workouts. Since I live near Chicago where it's now way too cold for biking and running outdoors, I figured I'd combine what I liked best into an indoor rotation that will help me maintain (or even lose a pound or two) over the winter holiday season. I might as well create a check-in to keep myself accountable, and its even kind of retro since I'm going back through all of her workouts in those genres from the beginning (in no particular order).

November 28:
4DS Kickboxing

November 30:
S&S PHA Training

December 2-4 -- I went on vacation to New Orleans and was able to run outdoors twice.

December 6:
ICE Boot Camp Circuit
December 7:
Outdoor Run 35:00 (low wind, moderate temps for this time of year)

December 8:
30/30 HIIT

December 9:
Long workday; no workouts planned.
December 10:
PHA2 - what a blast! I haven't done this one in ages and I loved it.

December 11:
CTX Kickboxing

December 12:
Long yoga session then 30:00 on the Peloton bike

December 13:
XT All Out Low Impact HIIT - again, another oldie I forgot how much I liked

December 14:
Long workday so no workouts planned.
December 15:
Another workday; nothing done.

December 16:
S&S Bootcamp

December 17:
Kick Punch & Crunch (not my favorite but I did the kickboxing part)

December 18:
Working again; no workouts planned.
December 19:
HIIT Pyramid (I really loved this one! It scared me before but not any more)

December 20:
Total Body Giant Sets

December 21:
Yoga only

December 22:
To the Max (I hadn't done this one before, surprised it was more cardio than weights)

....aaaaand then I tested positive for Covid. Boo!

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