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i have suspected hip bursitis although they are tested for other things.I know i may have to rest my lower half but would still iketo get in some cardio and agood workout.Any suggestions.best wishes,mel
Hi Mel,

I haven't had hip bursitis but I have osteo-arthritis in my hip and have had shoulder bursitis in the past.

Without knowing what you've been doing (that might have contributed to your condition), it's hard to make a recommendation. Can you post what you were doing previously? (cardio & strength training-wise)

I can share what worked for both my hip & shoulder were UNWEIGHTED wide range of motion exercises.

For my hip, I swear by Tracy Effinger's original Squeeze workout--the "L" series from that workout was particularly effective. It strengthened a lot of the smaller, lesser used muscles around my hip joint. That seemed to help balance the whole area, alleviating the intense pain I was having. Within a couple of weeks of doing this exercise 3x/week I was pain free. :eek:

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Melly - I'm just now recovering from hip bursitis. Honestly, I would steer clear of all cardio and lower body weights for several weeks. That's what I had to do. Any leg motion continues to irritate the bursa so it never gets a chance to heal. For about three weeks, I focused on upper body work and abs, and I also did yoga but was careful to avoid any poses bothered my hip.

I'm working back into a full exercise program now, but it's slow going. I find that some cardio helps, probably by keeping it limber, but pretty much only the lower intensity step. Working out on my elliptical or treadmill is still very much off-limits, as are any long walks outside. That sort of motion still gets it to hurting. Weight lifting seems ok, but I'm doing shorter leg workouts for now.

Sorry for all the details - but maybe they'll help you in your recovery. Good luck, and take it easy.
I agree, with that type of inflammation, you should really consider leaving the lower body alone alltogether for weights and cardio except for walking or something functional like that which does not irritate it. You can still do lots with your upper body, including this form of cardio: Hit the pool with a noodle or a kickboard, and set your feet either up on the noodle, or put the kickboard in between your legs, so that it floats your lower half, then swim with your upper half. Do butterfly strokes, freestyle, traditional swim strokes, and back strokes all the while resting your feet up on the noodle or holding the kickboard, so that your legs are just resting and not having to move. It will definately get your heart rate up!!!
Take MSM 1000mg and in 2weeks you might feel some relief. That's what I do when I feel it coming on in the winter.
I spent most of last year struggling with hip bursitis as well as strained hip flexors. My physical therapist and sports medicine doc told me to avoid high impact, kicking and squats. I used MMA Boxing a lot and some of the more gentle low impact step workouts (and just modified to eliminate any kicks or squats). I also used walking workouts (leslie sansone).

The rule of thumb they gave me is that if an activity increased the pain I shouldn't do it :rolleyes: It was fairly straightforward. lol. Hip problems can take a long time to heal because there are a lot of tendons and ligaments that don't get much blood flow to aid the healing. My docs didn't think it was necessary to completely eliminate cardio, I just had to use some common sense and back off when I felt the pain increasing.

I am finally pain free and starting to add the higher impact cardio & kickboxing back in. I am just being more reasonable about what I choose to do. Be patient with yourself, you'll get back into it sooner than you think.
I have bursitis in several places including both hips. For me the key is keeping active not resting. I find for me that the hip flexors and other support tissues get tight and imflammed which is what caused my bursas to go crazy. Activity with both strength and cardio- even just walking, helps a great deal. I also use a commercial-grade foam roller to roll out my IT Bands, hip flexors, thighs, and hamstrings most nights. It's a lifesaver!

Each person might experience something different. My was flared all this week thanks to a cold that kept me inactive. I did Muscle Max today and it soothed the issue.

I was in Phys Therapy for the better part of two years and always lower body work along with low impact cardio was on the Rx to improving the condition. Foam rolling and hot/cold compress combos really helped too!
thanks for this thread and useful info! I have been dealing with this for the past month and have been so frustrated.
Thanks for the advice guys.I hate not doing anything.i had been doing jillian michaels 30 day shred,her banish the fat and boot muscle.Resistance bands some the firm dvds and cathes HIIt 30/30 40/20 and the pyramid.i exrecise very day for between an hour and 40 mins.I sometimes od urban rebounding which i thought might take my joints better.Any recommendations for cathe dvds that are just body and would cause a sweat?i really appreciate your advise ,so big thanks evryone for taking the time.Its really getting me down at the minute.

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