<--he's an island boy, a stone's throw from st. croix...


<--wonders is any of youse have picked up on where <--would rather be by <--'s lyrics this week:cool:
<--wants to go live on an island in the caribbean (wouldn't mind sharing kenny chesney's island *insert devil smiley here*)
<--just spent 45 minutes putting puzzle flooring back together:mad::mad::mad:
<--is NOT good at puzzles and will have to revisit as some pieces are not quite right:mad::mad::mad:
<--did ME for first time in a looooong time yesterday
<--will do cardio today
<--is off to dream about <--'s island:D
<--hopes youse all have a tony-the-tiger day!:D
<--thanks ame profusely for her support and tells her to look at the obnoxiousness <--has posted on the college thread
<--hopes all know it's just in fun
<--loves to be a GATOR!!!
<--Waves good morning to all
<--Loves Kenny's songs!!!
<--just heard summertime yesterday
<--'s back is still hurting so isn't sure if <--will try and get in a walk later!
<--needs some good luck vibes
<--has another interview today at a local doctors office:)
<--is off to persue...
<--waves good morning!!
<--hopes Lorie gets her puzzle figured out ;)
<--wishes Amelia lots of luck on her interview!!
<--is so glad it's Thursday!!
<--today is a rest day ahhhhhhhhhh,...
<--may do some stretchy yoga
<--hates yoga
<--hates football
<--hates job interviews
<--is being player hater today
<--doesn't hate tea
<--will even cheer for the Gators
<--will even try some yoga as long as <-- doesn't have to say "OOoommmm!" and become vegetarian
<--wishes Amelia luck and wishes she was up here so <-- could hire her as <--- is in search of qualified help
<--is being weird today
<--is off to sip tea
<---waves g'mornin' to the lovelies
<---tells Lorie <---loves ME....fantastic endurance w/o
<---loves revisiting <---cathes
<---hopes Cath enjoys her stretchy time
<---waves to the playa ;)
<---will be doing cc8 today...wish <---luck
<---has to do some house cleaning later. blech.
<---is super stokied for the almost long weekend upon us
<---blows kisshies & fitness dreams to all
Last edited:
<--waves gm to all!
<--is with Beavs on hating yoga, football and job interviews
<--correction: dislikes yoga, doesn't hate it really
<--is getting excited about her trip
<--will be leaving tonight
<--is looking forward to spending a little girl time tomorrow with DIL who is almost 6 mos. along
<--will enjoy catching up with her while the guys go to the Kennedy Space Center
<--but isn't sure how to keep SIL out of the picture
<--says hmmmm
<--apologizes for the rambling
<--really needs some java stat

<--is thrilled to see Deb!!
Last edited:
<--is jumping up and down waving wildly to Debbie who <-- knows will kick the butt out of cc8
<--waves good morning to all
<--wishes Lorie's team good luck this weekend!
<--tells Amelia <--knows she'll knock 'em dead!
<--hopes Catherine enjoys her stretch, aaaahhhhhh
<--tells Beavs to enjoy her tea
<--wishes Debbie luck with CC8, but <--secretly thinks she doesn't need it
<--hopes Nancy has a great time on her trip
<--is trying to think of devious ways to avoid SIL, but <--comes up short in that department
<--points Amelia to the "50 or more to lose thread," if she hasn't seen it
<--congratulates Amelia on that accomplishment!
<--better get busy
<--says ttfn

<--waves to Anne and the soon to be vacationing Nancy
<--thinks Nancy will bring a little fancy to Texas
<--thinks Amelia rocks
<---waves GM to all
<---tells Lorie to not let the puzzle mats get the best of her!
<---feels Beavs pain as<---is in interview-hell as well
<---interviewed a real tool yesterday
<---wishes Amelia luck on her interview<---sorry to hear her back still hurts
<---wishes Nancy good time with DIL
<---wishes Debbie good luck on CCV8<---doesn't like challenge 2
<---has no advice on how Anne could avoid SIL...sorry!
<---waves Hi to my splenda-stealing friend Catherine
<---needs to have a self-absorbed rant
<---was up very late with sick DD
<---co-worker gave<---gummy worms for<---DD
<---DD ate gw's then became very sick with bad belly pain
<---is thankful that it ended up being gas:eek:<---was on the verge of bringing her to ER
<---came in this morning to find out that co-worker ate same gw's and ended up with same symptoms
<---not happy even though<---knows it was not her fault
<---trying to refrain from giving her hell-ish assignment as pay-back for my crankiness from being up so late!!:eek:
<--is about to head home for the day
<--is sorry for wilson's rough night
<--is planning to do ME UB tonight
<--hopes everyone has a great evening!

<--yells WILSON!!!!!!!!!
<--is sorry about the Gassy GummyBear fiasco and sends hugs to Mini Wilson
<--wonders if she should have asked the forum for a diagnosis ;)

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