I have the Cathe on Demand app on my Iphone/Ipad. I pay $14.99 a month through my iTunes account. How do I upgrade to Cathe On Demand and Live with workout blender? I am completely lost. I know it will be around $19.99. I can only find the Cathe Live APP and that is $12.99. It's all very confusing. Thank you


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Hi baylian, in order to have access to our Workout Blender you have to sign up through us, not through the Apple App store as you did. When you sign up for Cathe OnDemand through Apple you only get access to the Cathe OnDemand videos as Apple does not allow us to connect to their database. Also, when you sign through us you get access to all of our Cathe Live Videos and all of our apps including, iOS, Apple TV, Android, Fire TV, Roku, and the web and our Workout Blender. You can learn more at
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