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Hi Ladies!
I need some input for shoes for the DT road trip. I will be honest, I work out in the comfort of my home with weights and have read barefoot is best so that is what I have done for years with no problems. I live here in Fl and my staple is flip flops for everything else LOL.

On the occassions where I need tennis shoes I have a couple pairs of Nike's but they are older and don't offer the best support with high impact kind of stuff.

So, I am looking for specific shoes (brand and style). I am scrambling at the last minute to find something decent. I appreciate any and all suggestions!

Thanks very much and getting EXCITED for Friday! :)
I also workout barefoot (in grippy toe socks) because every single shoe I've tried hurts my instep. I finally found a pair of cheap sneakers at Target that work for everyday wear so I am going to bring those and hope for the best. I''m nervous my feet will hurt the whole time! I may end up taking my shoes off (unless it's forbidden!) See you on Friday!
Thanks so much for your reply Ashleigh! I'm glad I'm not the only one ;) I hope your Target shoes work out too. I have been stressing about this all week and even went to a specialty store yesterday but couldn't make up my mind. My daughter wears the same size shoe as me and gave me a few to try. I am "test driving" them right now lol. I may be right there with you going barefoot. So looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!!
I swear by Asics. I have three different pairs; one for running and two for cross training - love them all! I'm 5'8" with little feet (size 6), so balance and stability are an issue for me.
Thanks Kymber for your input. Can you tell me what the style Asics? I am just at a loss when I go to the store. I think if I went there with a specific brand/style in mind I at least would have a starting place. I saw in another thread that you are from Orlando! It's nice to "meet" another local :)

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