Help For "Pyramid Upper & Lower Body" and "Intensity Series Bootcamp"


Hi Curt,
There are no chapter points displayed for " Pyramid Upper&Lower Body" Is this perhaps because it is a mix?
Also in "Intensity series Bootcamp" the second chapter point repeats itself, like a constant play. Thanks Curt for your help!!
Hi fitafifty,

Are you not seeing the chapter points just in the Workout Blender, or do these videos not display chapter points in iTunes or QuickTime, also?
Hi Curt,
Just in the WOB the chapter points do not show. But I did create a 43 min WO. My problem is that I do not know how to get my WOB into my itunes . There is no WOB icon showing in itunes After I created the WO am I to save it? if so where? Thanks Curt.
Hi fitafifty,

I will look into the problem you are reporting with the chapter points with those videos. One question though, do you mean that the icons are not showing for the chapters, or are there no chapter points at all?

With respect to getting your videos back into the iTunes window, you need to drag them out of your Workout Blender folder and into iTunes. Go to the folder:

"Your Hard Drive" > Users > "Your User Name" > Movies > Workout Blender Videos

You should see your created workouts in this window, which you can drag into the iTunes window to import them and then play them in iTunes or sync them to your iOS device.
Curt, just in 'Pyramid Upper & Lower Body" there are no chapter points at all. All that shows is one black box. But it does play in the preview window. HTH.
Hi fitafifty,

I have checked both files from our online servers and they import into the Mac and Windows version fine for me. I think that either your downloaded files are not 100% complete or have gotten corrupted at some point. We have verified here that an incomplete file will be missing chapter information as the track that contains the chapter information is one of the last to be downloaded on the file.

If you have your original download link from CatheDownloads, I would recommend trying to re-download one of the files to see if it stops the behavior. If you do not have your original e-mail receipt with download links, please let me know and I will let you know how to get new ones. I would recommend trying to redownload Pyramid Lower Body first since it is a slightly smaller download.

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