Hello Road Trippers! seeking roommate for hotel


I know this is early, but thought I'd put it out there there that I would like to share a room to save a little money. I'm a good roommate, I swear! :)
It's a bit early to make a commitment, but I'll probably be needing a roommate too! So much fun to meet and hang out with other Cathletes! Perhaps we'll be roommates!:)
Great Diana, perhaps we will!

I went to a RT in 2008 and had a roommate then too. We had a chance to get to know each other a bit through email exchanges beforehand which was really helpful. Then I already had a buddy to hang out with on the RT.

But hanging out with me is not a requirement to be my roommate! :D

I will probably need a roommate too. I haven't been able to convince anyone I know to come & its a little strange going not knowing anyone but I'm already committed.
Sounds good Agzo! And even you decide not to get a roommate, we can all get to know each other a bit and then connect when we get there. :)
Thank goodness, it will be nice to even kind of know anyone a little bit before I show up :). Nice to 'meet' you Tigger!

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