Yesterday I chose cardio: HIIT 1 round of the double wave pyramid followed by 30/30. 35 min 640 calories. It was tough, but I guess that's my fault for jumping back in head first after a break. I got a wicked calf cramp last night.

Theresa - No easing back in for you, huh?:):):)

This morning was Insanity Cardio Recovery and it was welcomed. Unfortunately I feel like I might be getting my kids' cold so I may end up having to take a break from Insanity.
Hey Maniacs!!!

Yesterday did this:

BICEPS: 80# EZ Curl BB 3x8, Concentration Curls (standing) 45's 3 sets of 8, 7, 6, hammer curls 40's 3 sets of 8, 8, 7 and then Congdon Curls (P90X style) 20's 3x8
TRICEPS: Lying Ext w/15's 3x8 (wish I could do 20's..not there yet), Pullovers (cuz they work tri's good too...45# db 3...x8, Dips w/legs pressed on edge of bench..15x's then raised each leg 12x's, Close Grip BB w/70# 3x8

Then went on elliptical for 45 mins and burned 382 cals...4.5 miles I went.

Today is Insanity's Upperbody minus the bicep/tricep work and adding on Back work plus I will work abs to a Cathe video and then do the Cardio Power and Resistance from Insanity, minus the warmup and any arm moves..pushups, etc. just sticking with the cardio and jumping.
Workout was Shock Cardio Athletic Step 47 min and 354 calories burned Max HR was 155. Then I did the first segment of MMA Kickbox and the abs core segment 22 min and burned 145 calories, I finished off with STS Med Ball Abs 10 min and burned 59 calories. Total calories burned was 558 and workout was 79 min.
I think I am coming down with whatever dd has. She was here the last couple of days with watery eyes and scratchy throat. Yesterday she had a low fever. I told her I didn't want it. I am going on vacation. SO now I have that to fight off. I am heading out in a bit to pick up some Zicam Lozenges.

Charlotte, have fun doing Insanity Upper Body. I think that might just be my favorite Insanity. But then again it isn't the cardio LOL

Theresa, wonder why you had leg cramps.

Linda, it would be hard to do Insanity with a cold. It takes everything you have and your body has to work hard to recover. Take it easy.

I agree...no way could I do Insanity with a cold now...I mean you could if you set your mind to it, but will only stress your body out more when it cries out for rest.
DianeSue & Char - Good news is I agree with both of you, that I will have to take a break from Insanity for a few days until this stupid cold is over.

My head just might explode.....

Really excited as I am going to see my neice star in her high school play Beauty and the Beast.:D:D:D:D
Hi ladies. Hope everyone is having a nice evening, and definitely hope those who are sick/getting sick get well soon!

Linda, how precious to see your niece in the play! I hope I get to see things like that as my sis's kids get older, but they live in Washington and I'm in California, so I think my chances are somewhat slim. =(

Yesterday I did Circuit Blast. So far today I've not worked out yet, but I hope to get in legs.

I want more Shock Cardio dvds, in particular the cardio/core one and the HIIT one, but I feel kinda bad, like maybe I should be learning and doing the cardio I have at home. I have some Amy's I've not learned yet and also both the step routines from 4DS. I guess it's just the lure of new stuff.

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