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Morning Fit Ladies -

This morning my rotation called for rest/stretch day, so I did 45 minutes of Seasun's Straight Up Step followed by Amy Bento's 15 minute stretch and 1/2 hour of Eric Schiffman's Backyard Beginners Yoga, Reclining Lotus Segment & Shoulder Stretch.

That's the yoga DVD that I hurt my shoulders with before. I used my strap this time (instead of a stretchy band) and I still think all of that behind the back shoulder stretching is too much for my shoulders. I hope I didn't aggravate my injury too much. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. It's iffy right now. Also, had trouble with the intensity in my aerobics, so I kept it lower. I'm still not feeling very good.

We're going to see the Pirate movie tomorrow. Not sure what we're doing today, cuz we have to do hair and that takes a while. Yes, my DH has been colouring my hair for 18 years now. He learned a long time ago from my then Beautician and he used to work at a Beauty Supply, so we used to always get Redken colour (still do). He's actually pretty good out at ....as he has lots of practice and he refuses to pay close to $100 to get it done when he knows how to do it. Only thing I miss is being able to change my hair colour on a whim. I used to get depressed and change my colour, but now ..since we buy in mass quantity....I always have to have the same colour, but I guess the upside is that people must think it's my natural colour :p

Have great workouts and I'll be back later.
Good Morning Maniacs!!!

Yesterday I did my squats with 80# in 3 sets of 20's and my legs were still burning from the deadlifts from the other day. I rode my bike for 14 miles earlier in the morning. Helped DD's boyfriend with working out. Kept telling me he "can't" do this or that and I told him he could and he did! Then my son gets motivated and comes in and starts working out. Maybe DD will start up again too?

Went to see the Pirate movie. I was a bit squirmy cuz I didn't want to go to begin with as pirate movies are not my thing and I get bored quickly, but went for my kids.

Today I need to mow and put the mattress back on the frame of my bed so DH does not trip all over the bedroom when he gets home. Suppose to be getting the box spring soon. There is a picture of me standing in the middle of the frame of the bed. LOL! I think I might want my old bed back from DD as I am not liking this Dormia foam bed. Anyone else have one?

This morning I did Rhythmic Step and had a great workout. I was sweating like crazy. Its not even humid here right now. I was in my zone for 51 minutes and burned 360 calories. I'm happy with that.

Hope you all have great workouts and a great weekend! I'm hoping my dh and I will have time to go see The Lake House today or tomorrow. I'm dying to see that movie.
Morning maniacs!

Got 9.5 hours of sleep last night, and ohhh I feel sooo much better! Yeah!
Got in 40 mins on the bike 20 of abs and going to get weights in later on today. Do arguments with your DH count as workouts? I think they should, they take a lot of energy.....

moving right along....
Debbie, whatever you do..go see the Lake House! It was soooooo good! So well acted and just a fantastic movie. Keanu and Sandra are magic in the movie. For a low budget film, I can say it is one of the best. Great movie!

Char Char-you saw the Pirates last night? Lucky you! I want to go and see it, but I don't have a baby sitter, so guess I will be waiting for a while to see it.

Lora-How are you feeling today? Better I hope! I got lucky and was able to fight off that crap trying to invade my body, lucky I guess. I still feel a little yucky, but I think so much is allergy realted. Stomach stuff really sucks, so I really feel for you! That is sooo cool your DH does your hair for you! I had mine try to just color the back of my hair once, (I have blonde hair, but color the bottom back brown to make the blonde stick out) and it was a mess. He got it everywhere! So, I shell out the $$ to get it done which makes me cringe every time. I so could find a better use for that money.
Did you decide on the jeans yet? I can't remember if you said you did or not. I have been a little out of it lately, no sleep and not feeling good does not do a body good.

Anyway, well ladies I am off to Wal-mart... Char Char I will be sending you some pics haha!!!

You guys have a great workout and a great day!

Good morning!

This morning I was going to do a fast ride with DH, but I decided I should do weights instead since I have a ride scheduled tomorrow morning and Monday morning. So I did Muscle Endurance and then I decided I should do some cardio too so I did all of Rythmic Step except for #3 (my legs were FRIED and I couldn't imagine going on but I wanted to do the Challenge at the end).

Lora - You're lucky your DH does your hair. When I do my own, I now have DH trained to do the back. I used to be able to do it, but I must be getting worse in my old age. I decided I didn't want red anymore and tried to go to brown and ended up with gothic black. So for the past 6 months I've been paying to have it slowly go back to red. It was so dark and hard for her to lift. Once I get it back to red I won't mess with it again. I colored it myself for years and years without trouble until I tried to change it.

Charlotte - don't tell Shelley you didn't want to see the Pirate movie! Your arms look awesome in the picture of you in the middle of the bed frame. That heavy lifting sure works. You motivate me!

Debbie - I was dripping wet doing RS also. It doesn't seem that hard, but it must sneak up on you (well, except for today when my legs were crying). I'm dying to see The Lake House. Can't wait for your review. Actually DH just said he'd go see that one with me today if I want. Yay!!! We have a 60" flat screen tv and surround sound, so we always just wait for movies to come out on video b/c it's so comfortable at home and we don't have to leave our animals home alone after being gone all week.

Janjan - glad you got some sleep. Glad to see you were on the bike. I noticed after doing step this morning I could feel it in my ankles, etc., yet when I ride, I feel great - no pain. Cycling is such an awesome workout.

Hello to all who follow. I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!!


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France

Good afternoon,
This mornings workout was Cardio & Weights stopping at the abs, CTX step & Intervals cardio, CTX 10,10,10 step section, then Super Sets upper body & stretch. I think we may go to a casino today for fun. It was just opened recently at the horse race track. We haven't been there yet.

Lora, that is nice that you have someone to help with your hair color. I have my DH cut mine quite a lot. He cuts the rest of the families' hair as well.

Hi to everyone,
Diane Sue

What is The Lake House about? I can see movies for free since my son works at the theatre so I was just wondering if I would want to see it.
Great workout too, Calorie Burning Maniac!!!!


Why thank you, but a bit groggy eyed that early in the morning. LOL! I have not done ME in quite awhile. Love riding bike too. My legs are still fried also so I think I will give it a go tomorrow morning. The weather has toned down and so much cooler then a few weeks ago. From all the rain, we can really here the streams. It is just breathtakingly beautiful here...like paradise. I am kinda kicking myself about moving cuz I know the yard takes forever to mow, but I am gonna have to be pulling up flower bulbs and take some with me and my strawberries too. LOL!


Yeah you know it...that is how come your knees are so screwed up. Anyhoo, glad you got your sleep and over 9 hours too! WOW! I'll be talking to ya. Gotta go for dinner burns.

Hi Everyone -

Finally done with hair and E-bay business (for the moment). I think he left the bleach on a bit long and the streaks look a bit too blonde, but he'll say otherwise when he sees me tomorrow. We'll see. I think he wasn't really into doing it. He's bad when he does it though, cuz he likes pinging me in the head and digging the comb in my head and smacking me in the head!! LOL. What I have to put up with...oy!!

Charlotte - I can't believe you didn't want to see that movie just for Johnny Depp's acting talent. He is such a good character actor. I just love the bizarre characters he's always playing. He's really got a nitch for it. Ya know?

I'm still not feeling well. I've been indisposed again most of the day (if you know what I mean....TMI, huh?). I hope I start feeling better tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to do Kenpo X and Yoga. I think I'll do a different yoga besides P90X, as I didn't enjoy that last week. Kenpo X was okay though. I'll jam my Buckcherry and do it.

Speaking of Buckcherry, I totally changed my mind about my outfit. I'm now wearing my Sinful Angelwing shirt with skulls. Let me go see if I can find a picture (although it won't do it justice). It's sheer and the writing on it is metallic and the back has the coolest angelwings on it. The tank I got to wear under it is dark pink. If you click on "more views", it shows the back of the shirt.

Charlotte - The Lake House has Sandra Butt-lock and Keanu Reeves in it, its about a house that two people occupy but in different time frames. They somehow can talk to each other through letters (I think) yet they don't now each other. We are going to go see it tomorrow. I'm also not a big Johnny Depp fan, but I want to see the Pirate movie.

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