Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for week of April 8

Today I so did not want to get up and work out, after a day of working in the yard and sitting in the sun, I was lazy but did get up and did cardio, I chose Shaun T Hip Hop abs.

Looking for you Diane Sue:)


Ok, workout is finished. P90X2 shoulders and arms, 54 min, 261 calories. 110 rep tricep challenge :) , Insanity Pure Cardio 38 min, 346 calories. I finished with Yoga Shatki, dancing warrior 3, shoulder openers, and supiine poses. Total time was 1 hr 48 min, and caloreis 670. Shoulders and arms is done almost completely balancing on the stability ball, one leg, or one foot on a box. I was able to go heavier which was nice. This one is in the strength phase. I need to finish up planning the workouts for this week. I will try to get that done this afternoon.

Roselyn, I thought I posted what I was going to do for at least the next 3 days. I must have posted on last week or forgot to submit it. I worked in the yard all weekend. Carted 40# bags of potting stuff around, dug holes, and planted 9 rose bushes and grapevines. Did weeding. It felt good to get out in the sunshine :D

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