Happy Thanksgiving Evening!

Cathe Friedrich

I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving with family and friends. I am so thankful for all of you....you are right at the top of my list. Thank you for your loyal support over the many years and inviting me into your lives to be your workout coach. (((((Group Hug)))))

Loved reading about your workouts today in the Intensity check in? I did a class this morning and then half of Intensity at home before and quickly showering up to head over to a local restaurant to serve meals to those in need. I have always wanted to do this and since the boys are in Vermont with their grandparents this year I took advantage of it. It was a nice turnout with a lot of volunteers and good warm food served to very appreciative people. A beautiful thing!

Happy Thanksgiving Evening.....let the digestion begin


I hope everyone enjoyed the day.

I had a very nice day with my family. I had hoped my son would get leave from the military to visit but it did not happen. Hopefully he will visit before he is sent overseas.

A big hug to all military families and wishes for those that are overseas, that you will all be reuinited in the near future.


I had a great 6 mile run and watched my sister finish her 1st 6 mile run today!! :)..



Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving that was restful and full of good friends and family. Big Thanks to Cathe for leading us through fun and effective workouts every day! You are on top of my "to thank" list

:D Heidi

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