Happy Birthday Karin (Berry99) !!!!

[font color=hotpink]Happy[/font] [font color=lightblue]Birthday, [/font] [font color=lightgreen]Karin [/font]!!! :) :) I miss chatting with you on a regular basis! You should pop in on us over at the Yoga thread sometime. I hope you have a wonderful day! :) :) I saw on another thread you might be getting a spin bike soon....so is that your birthday present?


Thanks everyone! I didn't see this until today because DH and I went to Aspen for the weekend. It was so beautiful and the leaves are starting to change. We did a lot of road biking and hiking. I wish every weekend could be like this one.

Yes, I am getting a spinning bike for my b-day. I think that we are going to get it in the middle of October. I am so excited.

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