Gone until Monday August 16th

Hello "moms-to-be" and everyone else,

I will be leaving for Washington, DC tomorrow (August 10th) and will not be back until Sunday (August 15th). "Healthy Moms" is presenting our first Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Instructor Training and Certification at the DCAC Fitness Summit. Needless to say I am running around like a crazy woman today trying to get all my materials together and my two kids (and husband) packed and ready to go. Just now I decided to run up to the computer and check the forum. What I found brought tears to my eyes. There were all the posts talking about hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Reading those posts reinforced my reasons for putting this special training together. I want other fitness instructors, personal trainers and health educators to discover the field of pre and postnatal fitness and fall in love with it as I have. In what other job do you get to see a constant array of ultrasound "baby" pictures or get to hear the excitement in a woman's voice and see the look on her face when she tells you about hearing her baby's heartbeat for the first time?There are no words to describe the feelings that I experience when a mom from my class calls me from the hospital or birthing center with her hours-old baby in her arms and tells me with pride in her voice that she "made it through labor and delivery" and gives me all the vital stats about the newest member of her family. I love my job as you can tell.

Save up those questions. I'll be back on Monday. Have a good week!


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