Gilad's Fit tv music backround, anyone know the following??


Does anyone know where I can just listen to the music playing the backround on the 1 hour sets of Gilad on Fit TV set ??
I love to work out with the music on Cathe and GILAD fit tv 1 hour sets but I have no idea where I can just get the music and how to buy or download or the track listings from GILAD 1 hour fit tv shows ??

PS.. WHERE CAN I replay and listen and see Gilad's IV Fit TV show.... any know, please reply to me if you know any of these answers?? Thank you.


Music in the backround.......

Gilad's website does not have any kind of information on where to get the music from or anything even along those lines.. as Cathe's site does :( Anyone know where I can get Gilad's fit tv show's backround music from since it's no where on his site ??


Are there any ending credits or in the beginning that says the song and who the music is by on the Gilad workouts? Cathe's workouts have who the music is by but not the song so it's harder to find them.

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