Getting Out of the Rut - Thursday



This morning was Cathe's Slow & Heavy Legs and Shoulders along with Core Max with the stability ball. No cardio today, I'm waiting for the repair man for our washing machine. It's a front loader that doesn't drain or spin - finally something we did right - extended warranty - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa - I can totally relate, our oldest daughter moved out when she was 18 it's been 2 years now. Steve tells me I am such an enabler, anytime she calls I would help her. He says in order for her to be independent I need to let her do things on her own. It's hard because I feel so guilty if I don't help.

Wendy - I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!!!


Hi Cheryl! Hope your washer is all fixed up soon!

Wendy, you are also in my thoughts and prayers for tomorrow. Hope all goes well.

I decided to do FitnessFreakk's get ready for summer rotation, sort of. I still have to work in the STS upper body workouts that I'm doing with DH, so we'll see if I manage to get it all done. At any rate, I did the SJP step premix along with C&W step premix today. My cardio endurance is starting to come back, I am happy to say.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Good morning ladies and thanks for letting me join back in!

I started working out again on Sunday. Was going to start a new STS rotation but my husband got P90X and I thought it would be fun to do together. However, we did the 1st disc on Sunday and I am just not a fan of the workout.

I ran on Monday for 30 minutes (boy, that was tough!) and yesterday I decided to start STS since I just like Cathe and the variety of exercises. I did Meso 1, Disc 1 and have DOMS which I didn't have after P90X so I am happy.

Today I ran again, this time made it 40 minutes. So that is 4 days in a row - haven't done that since right before Christmas!

Wendy - I don't know much about your medical issues. I went back a couple of days but only saw that you were having surgery. Good luck tomorrow. Health issues become scarey as we get older I think.

Lisa - my 17-year old daughter got in her first car accident 4 months ago. She hit her ex-boyfriend in the school parking lot (yikes!). It's hard to let go of our kids as they grow up, but you're right, she has to find her way through this.

Jodi - like you have the little ones too. Balancing them with the big ones is a challenge (oldest is 22) so we get all sorts of things from finally finishing potty training last summer to car accidents, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.

Have a great day everyone!


It's been a really crazy week for me. We are having major lying issues with the 9 year old. He told a lie on us during visitaiton and I had to defend myself against something I didn't even say. What's worse is the therapist told us we have to ignore his lying! My job is getting crazy especially since our busy season is just around the corner.

But I have been doing well with my workouts. I got a workout in on Sunday, Monday and today this week. I couldn't do yesterday because of a Social Worker visit. That is why I got a workout in on Sunday. My eating hasn't been too great. I have been eating out a lot, but still have maintained the weight I have lost so far so I am happy about that. All the stress is taking its toll and I enjoy those wonderful comfort foods, like mac and cheese and chocolate, I had a piece of pecan pie after lunch today. I hope I burned it off doing Hiit 30/30. I did eat a grilled chicken sandwhich and had steamed broccoli for lunch. So hopefully the damage is not too bad.

Well I got to get going on dinner. I will try and check in tomorrow!


Hi climbers! Day three of clean eating behind me. I did STS Plyo legs for today's workout. Sorry, but no time for personals today. Gotta go....


Hi Everyone!

I restarted STS today. I finished Meso 1 about a month ago but then started having the knee issues so I just did other stuff until I was clear to go back to it. So I am starting it again. It will be interesting to see if I finish it though...over the next month I am having dental implants placed and implantable contact lenses. That will be a lot of downtime. I am going to try to make it work though, we'll see.

It's encouraging to hear from all of you that I am not alone in my kid dramas! Thanks for sharing with me; dealing with kids is definitely the hardest thing I have ever endeavored to do!

Great job with all the clean eating! I have fallen a little bit back into needing sweets at night but I am staying within my calorie targets so I am not going to freak out.

Ok, off to bed with me. Good night!

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