Getting out of the rut - Monday



STS M1 W4 Ch, Sh, Bis done this morning. Why did I have to remind myself that it was actually 3:45am instead of 4:45am when my alarm went off. :eek:
Loved this work out, I felt so strong today. Suppose it was from all the food I ate over the weekend.:eek:

Anywho, got a HUGE day today... I have been on a waiting list to see an Endocrinologist. Recently I was diagnosed with an aldosterone secreting adenoma which is a tumor in my right adrenal gland. It has been wreaking havoc for the last 8 years and suddenly has depleted me of potassium. I am 37yrs old and take multiple meds for high blood pressure, migraines, potassium. yuk! So hopefully today the Dr will say that the gland can be removed, I can go off the meds and life will be normal again.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

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