Getting out of the rut - Friday


Hey Ladies....

Iiiiimmmm baaaaaack. I had the best time at the Road Trip. It was fantastic. The room was amazing, the weather perfect, the food delicious and the company was even better. Cathe handed our a$$e$ to us on a platter.:eek: She worked us hard but that's what we went there for. Sure wish I could make it to NJ but I will have to wait until next year.

I had to play catch up today since I just got back from my vacation. I did two STS workouts today back-to-back. Meso 2 Week 1 Sh, Ch, Tris and Legs. Tomorrow will be Back & Bis then I'll be right on track. I am having my surgery somtime next week (waiting for the ph call). So not sure what will happen. Dr says it may be about 4 weeks before I can workout. :(

Hope you all are doing well, looking forward to catching up with you.

Happy Friday.

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