Freestyle Training/Lower Body

These are the exercises that Sherry told me were awesome for targeting the butt and hips.
1. Freestyle back Crossover>Whichever foot is in the front always faces the wall in front of you, the behind foot, crosses back over to the right behind you and then you alternate.
2. Freestyle front Crossover> same but cross in front.
3. Combination squats>feet together, feet shoulder width apart, feet wide.
4. Butt blasters> get on all fours, arch heel of foot, press foot up to ceiling as if you were tapping the heel of your foot on the ceiling, then tap the knee to the floor and press the heel to the ceiling.
5. Reverse Lunges> Step back at 90% angle, make sure you sit and do not lean on the knee. If you lean on the Knee? The knee sometimes starts to give out. Lean on the heel of the foot, to utlize the buttock and lower part of the butt.
ABS, I do everday, I do all lower leg movements for the transverse abdominus, the part of the stomach that all women wan to get rid of but do the wrong type of ab exercises. You should be starting out by keeping the heels arched and knees bent, with your hands straight by your sides, bring the knees to your chest with the butt slightly off of the floor, when you come down, only tap the arched heels on the floor. As you get stronger your knees will bend less and you can go to the middle only tapping your heels, then eventually tap the heels with straight legs and bring the legs back over your head as you keep the legs straight coming down.
............ okie dokie, this is what she shared with me, I am going to implement them tomorrow into my other exercises.... Rhonda:7
hey Susan

I am going to buy some of the lunging poles in a few months, so many things coming up, its hard right now to fork out the dough........ Rhonda
Thanks for sharing Rhonda. I'm ordering the book. Do you have the original freestyle book or the newer-Lower Body Solutions?

Well I'm headed to the basement for L&G before the avs take on the sharks.

I have the Freestyle Training book, I don't have the lower body solutions........ Rhonda

I am just wondering have you gone to Sherry Gideons web site and read her story and seen her pictures, this woman is 50 yrs young now.... I can look like her, I am 44...........
Wow Rhonda, I looked up Sherry Gideons and what a story! I had read that lunges, lunges, and more lunges where the key to trimming down your thighs. I'll make sure I'm doing lots of those! I've got to get going on reading the Lower Body Solution book too, but I was too busy today working out "with" Cathe!

Heidi H.

How’s everyone this lovely wet Friday morning? I’m sore ;o) Imax bout kicked my a$$ last night. I stopped several times. My legs was really STIFF especially Hamstrings, ouch! needing to stretch much much more.

Then, I did the Firm Lower Body Sculpting and called it a day. I forgot how effective LBS is.

Legs are definitely going to get a break today. I’m planning to run Sat & Sun providing the weather permits. followed by Legs & Glutes and Sunday PLB

Tonight, I’ll be doing Abs, and MIS upper body. What’s up with you guys?

Oh, Candi, thanks for posting 90x discounts info. I’m either going to order Saturday or next week. I requested the news letter so they should send me a the 15% discount too. Back to work arghhhh.

Hi Teddygirl. Firm Lower Body Sculpting sure is a good one, I've included that in my rotation for floorwork for sure.

Today I'm doing the Firm Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs, and then CTX Kickbox, but I don't know if I'll be able to do the kickboxing right after!

I don't have Legs & Glutes yet, but it's on my shopping list. I almost bought the video off ebay but ended up not doing that because I want the DVD.

I was my reading Lower Body Solution book last night and it sure it facinating. I'm not sure if I could do all my own workouts as they are listed, I think I need videos/DVDs to follow, but I'll certainly add to my workouts if LBS has exercises that I don't normally see done.

My legs were majorly sore early this week but they're not so bad now. I'd like to do some yoga on Sunday for them though, just to make sure to get enough stretching.

Heidi H.
Hi Heidi,

Yep! LBS is an excellent floorwork. Reminds me to of old school traditional workouts, huh! Another is Fit Prime, Floor Burn with Ms Susan Harris, surely you remember her from the Firm Vol 1 still my favorite.

Firm Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs Ms Tracie. I let my sister borrow this tape 3 months ago…has she used it once, nope. I’m getting it back today, excellent 30 minute abs & leg workout. Followed up with Kickboxing, good combo. Happy workout ;o)

Hi girls,

Well, it was another day of just walking for me. I am so eager to get with this program, but I think I will have to wait until Monday. Finally, able to eat something other than tea or toast - which is a relief because after 5 days, I was starving. Do me a favor, if someone tells you they have the stomach flu, or know of someone with it --- run as fast as you can. It was a doozy.

You all are doing so wonderfully. Makes me proud.:D

Have great weekends.
- Shopgirl :)
Shopgirl, I am so glad your feeling much better, hope your back in the swing of things on Monday, have a restful weekend....... Rhonda:7
Yesterday everything got away from me, and I did not work out. Today I did UB, and KPC conditioning drills. I might go to 4 days of LB, and 2 days of UB. These workouts are grueling. I have to think about it. Tomorrow is some cardio, and L&G's. Still haven't got the book yet.
Lori, lower your weights, when I use Cathe's lower body workout, if I was using 35, I used 25 ... and on legs and glutes, like leg press mania, I go the first round of leg presses with 15lbs, then when the second comes along I lower my weight to 10lbs.... when I do one legged deadlifts, I use 2 -5lb dumbbells, anyway wanted to give you an idea, and on MIS, I used 25lbs for everything, but I did the leg section only 2 times, on the 3 round I only did the squats, and lunges... so just so you know not to wipe yourself out....... Rhonda
Rhonda- Thanks for the advice. I will lower today. I was going to do SS LB, but maybe I will do MIS. I haven't done that in a LONG time. It sounds new and fun. I will let you know how I feel tomorrow....Lori

Today was a good day. The sun was shining bright, when I awoke this morning NO rain. So, I jumped out of bed had some coffee and headed to the tracks. I did a 6 mile run/walk. Just finished up Legs & Glutes, MIS Abs.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Wow, Terrygirl, you can certainly feel good about your lower body work today! I did the Firm's Standing Legs (minus upper body), and I had planned on doing all Cathe's PS upper body work but ran out of time, so I did my own 30 min. upper body weight training.

Tomorrow is my sort of rest day though I plan on doing some yoga.

Have a great evening!
Heidi H.
I did 6 days of the exercises from the Freestyle book plus AB work and the rope squats and the 30 minutes of cardio that followed each day ... I am ready for rest tomorrow except for ab work, and maybe some cardio............ Rhonda
I usually rest on Sundays, but since I missed Thurs. workout, I am going to workout today. I am going to do TS #%, which has some ab work, and some cardio. I did MIS legs yesterday, twice thru, but still kept 30 lbs. on my barbell. Today I am going to go down to 25. I think my legs do look like they are getting smaller. I am going to measure them tomorrow.

I still have not gotten my book yet!!! I ordered it last Saturday. They charged my account for it. Hopefully I get it on Monday.
Lori, good for you, hang it there it does get better, you'll start to see your hard work pay off very soon. I will be glad when you get your book, having the book helps alot. Also Lori, you can email Sherry Gideons with questions too. I have, she told me about those exercises I posted on this thread...... those freestyle crossovers are very simular to the steps cathe does in legs and glutes after the explosive plies, except you go back, then forward, it took me a little while to get the hang of it......... Rhonda

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