Fly into Daytona or Orlando???



Just curious if anyone is flying into Orlando? The airfare from Denver to Daytona is quite pricey. It's a bit cheaper to fly into Orlando, but I'm not sure what the ground transportation would be from Orlando to Daytona. Is anyone else considering flying into Orlando?

Hi Diana,
I'm picking up my roomie and checkin buddy Lisa in Orlando on Thurs. She is flying in from Denver I think. Maybe you two will be on same flight? We might have room in my car for at least one more person.

Additionally, this shuttle service is located close to the hotel Welcome to DOTS - Daytona Orlando Transit Services. My ex used it to get back and forth to Orlando a few times when I lived in DB and was satisfied. From there, you'd still need to get to hotel, unless they will take you, but at that point someone from road trip could make a Cathelete run to collect road trippers. : )
Thank you for posting the shuttle information. I am also finding the airfare slightly higher to Daytona Beach than Orlando. But I think the cost of shuttle RT is about same difference in the airfare for me. Plus it saves a 90 minute ride! Think I might end up using Delta out of Sacramento on to Daytona via Atlanta lol :rolleyes:
Thanks so much for the shuttle information! I will message you and see if perhaps I can meet up with a fellow Denver Cathlete. ITA with meatlessinca, the higher airfare may be the same as the shuttle cost.
Flying to Daytona

It's usually cheaper and faster to fly to Orlando and then rent a car or take a shuttle to Daytona. This is what we did in 2009. Flights directly to Daytona are usually more expensive than the flights to Orlando and they often have at least one stop and take many times longer to reach Daytona than just flying to Orlando. It's also cheaper to return on Monday than on Sunday as far as flights go.
I am flying into Orlando was planning to take the shuttle to Daytona.

Personally I'd rather not deal with connecting flights and I don't mind a relaxing bus ride...

However I didn't realize the shuttle didn't go directly to the hotel and would then need to get a cab; maybe I'll rent a car from Orlando instead.

Depending on the cost of the shuttle/cab versus renting a car (plus gas) -- I guess that's the question.

Thanks for your information!

This is another shuttle in the area. She says that they are the only direct one. DOTS (the other link I posted) sometimes makes stops in Deltona and ? to drop people. Also DOSHUTTLE said that they are a little less expensive and have nicer vans. To get from their office in Daytona to the hotel is an extra 12 dollars each way. If they have a group of 5 ALL TRAVELING AT SAME TIME then no extra charge for door to door drop off, but there is a stop at the office. She said they've been in business for 8 years.

Maybe DOTS will not charge for extra for drop at hotel?

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