Filming STS/Does this make sense?


I am hoping that the camara men stay and focus on the exercises long enough to make sure that I am doing the exercises correctly.
I realize the camara has to shoot from differnt angles, but sometimes they do not stay on the movement very long. And change to quickly. Does this make sense to anyone?
I've never noticed this being an issue in Cathe's DVDs. Actually, quite the contrary - I find she explains things and the camera shows them, quite well. The only time I've noticed this being a problem is in the step workouts, but STS isn't having any step, so that shouldn't be an issue. As with all of the workouts, you should always watch them at least once first, before doing them anyway.
Yes, I understand.

This happened a few times in BM2. She is doing something new and as I am trying to learn it they change the camera view...quite aggravating.
Considering this is a slow/heavy workout - I seriously doubt there will be any issues with what she is doing before going onto the next exercise - espeically considering there is 60 secs between the different exercises...
Hi Anne, Probably being weight lifting the filming is easier.
The movements will be focused on more. I enjoyed your pictures. Your dog and kids are cuties. ;-)
Rocky -

Thank you for your sweet comments!!!! :) Made my evening...

As far as the STS - I do think that since the reps will be slower and so concentrated we wont have issues following along... Nothing like the step combos where I trip over the step the first few times.... hehe... :)

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