ExperiencedRoadTrippers-pack a gym bag?


It looks like we'll need to take several things to the gym on Saturday when we leave the hotel, but no one has mentioned or put on the Suggested Items list a gym bag. Does this mean that the black Cathlete bags that were given out last year (from what I saw on the video) are always handed out at Registration?


Hi Jennifer,

I packed a gym bag last year and will be doing the same this year. Happy packing!

Tinelle :)


I always bring a gym bag/tote bag. The back pack style given out last year isn't that big and some years have been different, so I would pack your own just in case.


Barbara P

This will be my 4th Glassboro RT. I have 3 of those backpack style (but they are not backpacks) bags given out...they are not, for me, big enough for all my stuff!

I always bring a gym bag, will have several changes of workout clothing including underwear and socks.....those freshen up wipes or whatever they are called since the shower lines can be long. Flip flops for if I take a shower. I never go barefoot in a locker room (and I am in them daily at the Y)...

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