Excited for Daytona!!!!


Three weeks away!! Who else is stoked about Daytona? I can't wait!!! Chicago this year was my first road trip, and I can't wait for my second!! :D

I'm getting excited too. This will be my first destination road trip. I got a little out of shape over the summer, but I've decided not to worry about it. I'm doing what I can to get in shape now and I'm planning on having a great getaway in the sun with Cathe and crew!

Super excited

I willl be there too, first time! I live here so I just could not pass this up as I have been a Cathelete for about 6 years! Looking forward to meeting everyone :)
I'm VERY excited! 2nd Road Trip but my first was 6 years ago. My photo is with Cathe from that trip. Please don't be nervous, Cathe is so sweet and it's a very supportive atmosphere among the attendees. I look forward to seeing you all!

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