DVD not listed


My all-time favorite DVD is CTX Upper Body, it isn't listed in the options when one registers and fills in the profile.

You also do not have the Wedding workout listed. I know you are no longer selling it, but I still own it and like it. Most of us old timers I imagine still have it along with her very first videos. I still remember the lace tights of some of her earlier ones. ;)

I can understand eliminating those no longer available, but I do think CTX Upper Body should be listed. It is such a great workout, the music really inspires me on those days I have to make myself work out.

Wasn't sure what category to post this in. Apologies in advance if I have made a mistake.



i noticed it too, i filled wedding work in with my list of other instructors b/c i still do it from time to time too and still enjoy it.


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