Driving Directions!!


Happy Wednesday, Trippers! Wahoo -- this time next week, if all goes well with my flight (and geez, it's Delta so who knows) I will be with Debbie and Cyndi in NJ and we'll be preparing to make you all feel like the honored guests that you are! :D

Attached to this post is a PDF file containing 2010-updated driving directions for those of you who are driving in, or who are renting a car. I think we've anticipated just about everywhere important that you'd NEED to be during the weekend. But if you need info on some place else, sing out and we'll see if we can help!

As always, post here or PM or e-mail us if you have any questions!! :)



Thanks Kathy! Good thing the pages were numbered...one of the kids decided to have a field day with the pages shooting out of the printer! Who knows where I would have ended up with the pages out of order!! :p

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