Dog owners - alternative to pee pee pads


If you have a smaller dog and use pee pee pads or your dog eliminates inside your home/apartment, you should check out this alternative:

I think it's a great, environmentally-conscious alternative.

I haven't received mine yet, but will post if anyone is interested.


wow...that's great for small dogs!!! i have heard of people who train their dogs to go in litter boxes. i have also heard abut people who train their cats to actually go in the toilet but i can't imagine how!!!


This is great. I am still trying to train my Jack Russell...never seems to get the hint...LOL
Thanks for this!!

"Today is a Gift, Have Fun"




would you know if this can be used OUTside? my lhasa apso is trained to go outside on the porch, and we use the wee wee pads. i'd love to use something like this that will keep the wetness off the wood on the porch.


I see no reason why this couldn't be used outside. It's made of plastic.

The company is in the UK, and I emailed a question and the owner actually called me personally to respond.

I really hope this takes off in the US. I just hated using those pee pee pads, but the newspaper wasn't absorbent enough and his urine just trickled to his paws, so I'd have to rinse off his paws, yada yada.

They don't make a larger size, but they're working on a device that would hold two together.

I told him this would be great for the bigger, elderly dogs.

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