Does anyone with PF play tennis?


For any of you with plantar fasciitis, if you also play tennis, do you wear a tennis court shoe? And if so, does it help with the pf?

I had a long nasty 9 month go around with pf that finally let up last fall. I have slowly rebuilt my running miles back to 20/week and walk the rest so I don't aggravate my foot. None of that has been a problem. I have been playing tennis once or twice each week over the summer and lately I have been waking up the next morning with my foot so stiff and the heel pain so bad that I am really concerned I am going to be sidelined again. The pain is usually worked out by mid-morning, but I don't want to make it worse.

Right now I am wearing my running shoes to play tennis. My daughter has Asics court shoes that she loves. She plays every day though so I didn't really see the need to invest the $$$ for me for a couple of times a week. My daughter also has the same running shoes I do and she said the court shoes are less padded in the heel than the running shoes, but definitely have more stability.

Does anyone have experience with pf and court shoes and do they help?



I don't play tennis but I had pf earlier this summer after my last marathon. I had heard of what it was but had no idea how bad it sucked! I do not like not being able to do what I want!
Had Astym treatments for it.
It's gone now, forever I hope! I had 8 treatments (2x per week) for a month. Haven't had 1 for about a month now and feel fine. The best part is while you are getting it they recommend you keep working out (for me running and cathe dvds) just let pain be your guide. I felt better after the 1st one. Back to normal by the 4th (week 2) but I did finish them all.
That's just my experience with pf
Though I'd share

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