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Did anyone see the story last night (Monday) on Dateline? It was about using hypnosis to get through labor. The two women featured were able to relax so much that they didn't feel any pain or appeared not to. It sounds to good to be true!

Heather Y

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I saw it

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I was very amazed at these women's ability to focus so much. It is a very interesting concept. I remember this type of concept being discussed in my child birth class (4 years ago) but it was not via hypnosis but just being focused and relaxed. I don't know if I would ever be brave enough to attempt it. Dateline said the women using that Dr's hypnosis method were very motivated.

What truely amazed me was the first woman's ability to focus and appear to be without pain while being induced with Pitocin. I was induced with my first pregnancy and the nurses stopped checking me after a while and didn't recheck me for two hours until after I got my epidural. During those two hours I went from being dialated to a 3 to being almost fully dialated (checked right after the epidural was given). As one (of I'm sure many) who has felt what almost fully dialated feels like on Pitocin without painkillers, I am very very amazed and in awe of this woman.

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