Good Morning!:)

Didn't go to bed early enough last night. I slept pretty soundly until DS came out with us at 5:30 and I was happy that I still had another hour:D He went back to sleep as well,thought he was gonna stay up! Cause you never know with him lately. But he cuddled in (his legs were cold) and he went right back to sleep.

I'm unsure of what today's workout will be. I was thinking about going outside for a quick 30 mins run and then coming back and doing a circuit with the TM. I don't know if I would have enough time to do justice to a circuit though. I could pull out BC and go heavy with the weights.

Jacque** Puh...you don't have to tell me. He has us trained,no doubt about it. I'm not sure if its b/c he is the baby or its b/c he is so relentless that if we don't go along with it we will never hear the end. On Sunday he was good...LOL But most days call for a time out!:confused: He was in his room dinner time yesterday b/c he kept throwing things over the patio. DH and I were talking about it last night and if he soon doesn't catch up,Im gonna get nervous. He will be 4 in Jan and my Lord...by then he should be able to form complete sentences and obey rules? Then again...he is good for everyone else. Like yesterday when he kept throwing things I would tell him to stop so he was put in time out. Now, did he just not care (thats what DH thinks) or does he not fully understand. And if he doesn't understand by his age...then what's the prob? Cause there is def one. Ex: if I put him on a time out chair...there is no chance in h*ll he will stay there. I am not sure if he has had time out in preschool yet. It will be interesting to hear their thoughts once he as been there a while. I'm sure they have seen it all.

O.k....I will bbl to report my workout.



Morning Ladies,

I'm so tired this morning. One of the girls was crying at 3am and I ended up staying up and doing some laundry. Ended up going back to bed at 4:30 but am feeling pretty tired right now. Hopefully this coffee will kick in soon so I can bang out CPR this morning. Good thing these are shorter w/o's.

OMG, last night was a killer bootcamp class. We did a lot of running, hills, sprints, pushups...and my legs are so sore today. Also have some nice DOMs from chest and tricep work yesterday. Today is heavy leg day at the rec ctr and I will do my best to make it there. I have a pretty full schedule today.

I'm taking Wed/Thur as vacation days and next Tues/Wed as well. DS is supposed to fly the girls home on Wed but I may have to take them back instead. DS has not received his license back in the mail yet....and he's trying to get an ID, but it will have to be mailed and the time is ticking.

Laura-I'm so sorry to hear of another accident. Hopefully you will heal up quickly. We may have to change your name to accident prone Laura.:D btw, my sisters SIL has lost 15lbs with zumba! They are even starting a zumba class in my business park. I don't think I will be taking it because it falls on a weight day and I'm not giving up my weights to zumba! Feel better soon.

Lori-kids can be little pills sometimes. The girls have to sit in timeout occasionally, usually when they are crying or whining for no reason. They know what timeout is and sometimes they put their babydolls in timeout and say they've been naughty. It's funny to watch at times. My middle son would not sit in timeout either...he was quite trying on me and still is...he's 20.

Jacque-Nice job matching Cathe and going heavier than Brenda!!! I usually go heavier than them also....we are all stronger now than we were when S&H came out. Although I have to admit, on Cathe's endurance w/o's....well my biceps are my weakest link and I sometimes have to lighten the weight after the first set. Hope your day isn't too busy...but I'm right there with you.

PunkyJen-what do you have planned for this lovely day? Hope you are spending time taking care of yourself. I didn't eat any crap yesterday and have my clean meals packed for today. The whole food thing is a daily struggle for me and maybe someday I will get it right and this weight will fall off.

Wendy-Hope you are having a wonderful vacation.

Well ladies, I think this cup of coffee is starting to kick in and I have enough time for CPR...on my way..bbl


Well...this day is off to a great start!

I got paid today and my check was nicer then usual. We have been making up for health and dental the last few pay checks and my check is never as good as I think its gonna be.
When I got to work I found out that my manager is gone for the day! Yippee!!! No one under my feet...no one talking to me about salmon fishing...no one asking me questions!!!!! I feel like the sun is shining even though its pouring rain out!:eek::D

Question for you guys:

DS has been going to the sitter ever since he was 10 m. Its the same sitter I used for DD. I don't think she disciplines them and I don't think she tells me when they have been bad unless....they have been really bad. She takes summers, christmas and alot of fri's off b/c she takes her son to hockey. When I took DS to preschool today, his teacher asked me if he was staying and she asked why not. I told her that I didn't think they had any openings but she said that they do and he would have first dibs b/c he is already there. I think my sitter would be devasted, in the meantime b/c of the reasons above I am considering it and I know he is learning so much more there and he seems to enjoy it. Today he went on inside and sat down with his friends. The teacher also said that if my sitter takes any smaller kids, he won't learn anything b/c he will just be picking up habits from the babies. What should I do? What would YOU do!? LOL

Diana** I didn't realize that the girls were soon leaving,time certainly does fly! Did you get your workout in?

I did 8k outside and 3 seg of BC when I got home. The dog almost tripped me up when we were running b/c of a garbage can that was on the side of the road. I was not impressed! See...unlike Laura...I blame the dog! LOL



Morning Ladies

SOOOOO I managed a 50 min super step cardio class w/10 min abs!!!:D super sweaty workout ..although I dont find it NEARLY as hard as my regular workouts .. but the class thinks it is hard .. I dont get it .. but they like it when i do it .. I just dont think it is what I consider a GREAT AWESOME workout .. I want to feel every muscle aching and feel like it is hard to put one foot in front of the other!! but OH WELL .. it was good!

Lori ... I know I dont have kids .. but my VBF owns a day care business for 20+ years .. and she has seen exactly what you are describing to me .. the kids that come from a 'sitter' are usually the ones that cry - whine - pitch fits at the door when the parent leaves and picks up .. and have trouble adjusting. I would say DS probably is picking up on the younger ones bad habits .. I think if I were you I would place him permanently in pre-school .. he will learn more .. he will be in a formal setting w/a set ciriculum .. I know it has to be a hard decision .. but my guess is those bad habits will diminish ... just my 2 cents worth!!

Jacque .. no Buster is fine .. THANK GOD ... I wouldnt be able to type anything if something happened to my babydog!! poor thing is hiding under the dining room table now when I am up .. he is not gonna let me do that again .. LOL .. I know I scared him to death .. he was licking my face .. paced came back .. licked my face .. checking on me .. bless his heart!! One of my student told me that they were gonna wrap me in bubble wrap .. LOL .. that is bad huh???

Di .. just call me KLUTZY Laura .. as one of my students pointed out .. it is not that I am klutzy .. just that these were two random incidences not of my fault .. but bad luck they were back to back .. :confused:... eerrrrrrrrr .. that or I am klutz!!! :eek:

Wendy .. are you still on VACA?? hope you are having fun!!!

Hello to PunkyJen ..

OK .. sooooooo I do think some of the swelling has gone down . . and I have a bit more movement .. so I am going w/the fact it is NOT broken .. just sprained ... I am gonna teach plyo class minus the planks tonight .. I am gonna go get a wrap and wrap my hand and see if I can pick up a wieght .. using my fingers not the thumb ... at least that way I can do weighted leg work .. OK .. better run .. have a great one!!


Hi Sweethearts and WONDER WOMEN!!!!!

No time for personal today:(-- must drive up to Sonoma and CLEAN OUT MY CLASSROOM!!!! ugghh..... The custodians want me to protect everything with plastic and I am dreading it.

You all sound busy and happy----BBL for personals if time.....:rolleyes::)

Love, Jen


Hi ladies,

I'm feeling ill this afternoon and will probably head home after my meetings. I felt good this morning, tired but good. Did CPR this morning and heavy legs this afternoon. I skipped calf work and only did 3 of the 4 sets of 2 of the exercises but did 4 sets of the other 2 exercises. I was feeling pretty light headed and nauseous so decided to stop.

Lori-I would love to get a "nicer" check. My checks are the same every two weeks, that's what being salaried does for yah. We do usually get a bonus check in Feb and that's nice. ITA w/Laura, time for preschool, JMO. He will learn a lot more in preschool than in daycare.

Laura-sometimes you need to give the body a break. I'm sure your class was still hard. I've meant to ask you, as we are about the same age....I'm am really struggling in my bootcamp classes, they just never get any easier, does that have something to do with age? I don't feel I'm old enough to be having the difficult time I am. I've also given up taking vitamins etc for about 3-4 months, just to see if I could tell a difference. Well the difference is, BC is kicking my ass.

bbl...off to a meeting.


well .. DI .. IDK about the age thing .. I feel like Jacque said I dont "bounce back" as soon as I used to .. I feel STRONG in classes now .. (compared to what I did w/the rib think I would almost HAVE to) .. but BH workouts are kicking my arse .. SIL too .. it is a bootcamp kinda class .. but YOUR bootcamp classes .. YOWZA .. they are more ATHLETIC bootcamp classes .. kinda like athletic/sports specific training .. I little different beast IMO .. and OUTSIDE .. that could be a KEY factor here .. those classes I would probably struggle in .. ??? but as Bob says .. CHANGE is the key .. and your workouts ARE varied ... and the bootcamps are off the chain .. IDK .. to me on bootcamp days I would do NOTHING else but them .. that is what I do on my plyo class night ... that is a STAND ALONE workout .. I dont do any extra working out .. so you might give that a try seeing as how intense the BC is ???? try it .. see if it helps .. ????

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