Damage Control October

How was your weekend? Did you get everything moved back into place? Did you meal prep for the SGS fall challenge? The Broncos are on tonight-I'm wearing my shirt to root for your team! The wedding on Saturday was lovely. It was outside in a lovely, secluded area and decorated for fall with hay bales, orange colors, apples, etc. The bride wore a light orangey/peach dress and was beautiful.

Yesterday I did the cardio only premix from Low Impact Circuit. My hip/back is feeling ok.

Back to check in. I did High Reps today-upper body premix. It didn't have back included for some reason, so I added that in on its own before I did the abs. I forgot how great a workout that one is! Other than that, my day off was spent making pumpkin muffins, going to the grocery store (to get muffin ingredients), a library meeting, and playing cards. Not too bad on 5 hours sleep. Last Friday I stopped taking the med I'm trying to get off of and so far so good-no bouts of panic. It will probably be a few weeks of sleep being off, but I'm ok with that-so happy to be off that med!

What's up?!

This morning I did a BR circuit. I really need some cardio in the morning to get me going. Just doing straight weights doesn't get my blood flowing and give me energy like cardio or even a circuit does. I walked 40 minutes after work to finish up my steps. I didn't get much prepping done but I'm working on that tonight. It so much easier since one days dinner is also the next days lunch. I'm good with just making the morning tonic and smoothies each morning. DH has pretty got everything moved back in. My garage bay is emptied out anyway. We have the leftover carpet in DS3's garage bay. I was hoping to have a couple of area rugs made from it, but DH doesn't want to. I'll probably get a couple made anyway. We just have to cut it size, and there is place that will do the binding nearby. Yes, the Bronco's are playing, thanks for your support. I have a 6am meeting tomorrow. I have no idea when I will fit in my w/o.

Glad to hear your hip/back is feeling better. The wedding sounds beautiful. I'm not a fan of High Reps, but glad you enjoyed it. Your pumpkin muffins sound delicious! My DH doesn't like pumpkin-ugh.
Glad to hear the house is pretty much back in shape. Good job getting all your steps in! I definitely think you should make some area rugs. Did you get a workout in at lunch today? I ended up doing the pool workout for 1/2 an hour. I like the look of this month's rotation and will probably do it at some point. I'm still trying to get my leg back to 100%. It wakes me up in the morning hurting. The pool is usually good for that so we'll see.

Worked 10 hours today starting at 5:30 am. No workout to report. I don't know why I bother with a rotation, my work schedule gets in the way. I did some meal prepping last night and have more to do tonight. I just ate an early dinner and will go walk for a bit. As of now, I only have 1,400 steps. Not sure I'll get 10K, but more than what I have. :)

I with you on the aches and pains, its seems there's something new hurting all the time.
I think I'm just going to walk today. It rained yesterday most of the day and the dog needs a good walk. I didn't sleep well last night-another 5 hour night. I'm with you on the rotations, that's why I usually don't follow one or just have a loose one or just do what I feel like doing! I'm starting to think I definitely need to see my PT guy for a tune up. It doesn't matter how much stretching I seem to do, I still get really tight and hurt. Enough whining...

Have an appointment this morning with my PT. Had a nice walk yesterday with Riley and between that and work got my steps in! Looks like every other night is a good sleep night. I'm hoping PT will help with some of that.

Well, I went to PT today and my hip joint was definitely out of joint. He put it back in, felt good, then I went to work. Now it is killing me. I have shooting pains down both legs. Just stretching, some light walking, and the pool until next week. Going back to PT Monday.

What are you up to?

It's been a long week for me. I finally went for a 35 minute run last night and walked for 30 minutes. My speed is improving since I'm getting further in the 30 minutes. DH was a little pissy with me before I ran which could be why my pace was faster. I plan on doing a BR w/o this morning. We need to get the 3rd bay cleared out this weekend so DS3 can have his spot back in the garage. It's mostly left over materials and a chair that we are getting rid of. I still have stuff in the basement that needs brought back up or thrown. Just trying to get motivated to do it. I'm enjoying the cleanse meals but did have a glass of wine last night. DH is getting stuff done around the house, but is also enjoying his time not working.

I'm glad you decided to go to PT, you definitely needed to. Glad your hip is back in place. Hopefully the pain will subside when you can get off your feet for a bit.
This morning I did a BR w/o and started STS. I did Disc 3 first, this allows me to add an extra leg w/o in each week. I'm just going to do the best I can and work through all the discs probably twice. We'll see how it goes.

You must be working this weekend. Hope your hip is feeling better today.
Actually, I'm off this weekend. My hip felt good Friday. Saturday I went to the pool and now it hurts-so frustrating. My psoas muscle is really tight this time around. We packed up 7 boxes to ship Fed Ex tomorrow. They ship Mondays and say it will get there Sat. Been watching all the soccer on and went through my clothes between seasons today. Heading out soon to take the dog for a walk then playing cards later.

I can't wait to get back to some weight training!

I hope you're having a better week-i.e. not so many 6AM meetings! I had a chance to look at your flooring/fireplace pics and they are fantastic! You must be so pleased with the outcome. It looks so warm and inviting with the wood. Is everything back in place or still a work in progress?

I vacuumed my closet this weekend and got rid of stuff I did not love wearing. It was liberating. I've been back to PT yesterday and was again out of alignment (I figured). He put me back in place and did soft tissue work on my psoas and piriformis muscle-hurt so good. I'm relegated to just the stretches he gave me and walking right now. Maybe by the time the new LITE series releases I'll be back to weights. I'm excited for the new pyramid workout since I love the original!

DS1 now needs a vehicle. We've been negotiating.

Sometimes I wish I could just take some time off work. I'm a little jealous that DH is off and has no worries. I bought some new light fixtures for the hall upstairs. He's installed one, but the other one is kind of over the stairs so I would prefer if DS1 helped with that. Everything is pretty much back in place, we are purging a lot. It's nice to get rid of all the old stuff we never use. Each week I seem to be taking a few bags of stuff to the Salvation Army.

My workouts are okay this week, no 6am meetings. Yesterday I did a BR w/o in the morning and STS D2-Back & Triceps in the evening. The cleanse is going well. I wish I was one of those who lost weight, but I never do. As a matter of fact, my weight was actually up today. I think it is due to the weight lifting and will remedy itself as my body adapts. Short term water retention that comes when you start a lifting program.

I'm sorry to hear you having issues with your hip again. Would yoga help your issue at all or be something you could do? I saw that Cathe started posting some updates on the new series. Vehicle shopping is awful. Does Dan like negotiating? David does, but I do not. I used the broker at our credit union when I bought my car. I'm not negotiating. :)
Well, my exercise is just walking and a few sets of upper body/day. Went in for therapy yesterday and could not sleep last night. So, I'm pretty frustrated with the whole situation. I've been up since about 4 tossing and turning and just finally got up at 5:30. How are you sleeping? Have you heard about HTP? I'm trying it for sleep-not sure if it works with the pain I've been in.

Did you get snow recently?! I thought I saw on the weather channel that Denver had an inch? We're still hot and humid, but things are cooling down today. Not much going on. DS2 flies tonight to SF. He is going to get a Honda-hopefully tomorrow. Now we need to fly the dog out in the near future. Dan loves car shopping. I hate it. I leave it up to him, since it gives him something to do. I think I'll go make Chris some waffles.

I've been sticking to the cleanse and my weight is up. It is so frustrating. No sugar or alcohol. I'm skipping my WW meeting to workout this morning. Honestly, there is a new leader and I just do not resonate with her. I was pretty taken aback at the first meeting she facilitated. She was wearing a very low cut dress showing a lot more than I wanted to see at 7am. It just seemed unprofessional to me. If she was on a date etc., fine. I may look for another meeting time or location or just call it quits. I'm within 3lb of my starting weight in January. It did snow on Tuesday or Wednesday, can't remember, but it didn't stick. We've had a cold front this last week and I haven't been able to get out and run at all. It warms up a bit this next week though. I've been really stressed with DH not working, but it looks like we can manage on my income. He has started looking for state jobs though. He wants to get a few more years of service to reach the age/years of service for early retirement. I think he needs 3 more years.

Did you get some muscle relaxers or pain meds. I looked into HTP as it also aids with menopausal symptoms. I've never taken it though. I also read it can help with weight loss too. Maybe I should take a closer look. Are you planning any trips to CA? I love it there. Will he come home for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas? Hope you feel better today.
I just got back from an emergency therapy visit. Thankfully, I was not locked-just really sore groin area muscle that was contracted. He stretched me out a while and I did my exercises (again). I had called him this morning and he said to ice my back and stretch and then call him back. I really didn't feel better, hence the emergency appt. I'm glad I went, but I'm so freaking tight. My psoas is really tight too.

Well, my weight is up 6 pounds-so be glad you only have 3! I see that ww is changing its focus to wellness. I don't think you'd miss it if you quit. I did call off work tonight due to limited sleep and pain. I have taken some Tylenol to help with the pain, but it's not very effective. I had no idea the HTP helps with weight loss! We'll see. I have a lot of pounds to lose. Everything is tight. But, I'm off that med so am very happy about that.

I read a Johns Hopkins article about the flu shot and am not planning on getting one anymore. I'll have to wear a mask, but so be it. Employers should not be able to mandate what you put in your body-sounds like a violation to me. I did get one the past two years, but the data on the shots increasing dementia scared me.

Glad the cleanse is going well! No sugar or alcohol! I've been slacking (obviously). I don't think the dog walks or walking at work can cut it as exercise. My PT did say I can try the pool again Sunday, so I'll do that. England National team plays soon so I'm going to veg and watch that.

We're not planning any trips either way right now. I kind of want to keep the dog-she likes being with people and will be so lonely when Aaron is at work. We're not rushing to send her to see if he realizes how sad it would be for her being all alone so much of the time.

Job hunting is so fun (not). I wish Dave well. I'm still always looking to no avail. If I didn't need health insurance it would be so much easier.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend! I have to work.

We are having big swings in temperatures. Last week it was in the 30s and 40s. Today the high was 62 but tomorrow the high will be 25 and snow. Today was the first day this week I reached at least 10K steps. I ran 3 miles today and then did STS disc 3-legs. I foam rolled after my w/o today. It hurts so bad, I know I need to keep doing it. Tomorrow I plan on a BR w/o and STS disc 2-back & triceps. That will complete wk 1 twice through.

Oh no, I'm so sorry you have been in so much pain.
5 hours sleep Sat. night, 8 hours last night. So I'm still all over the place. I wish I weren't tired on my days off. Have therapy at noon today and am hoping for more relief. I did the pool yesterday and am a bit tight again especially in right groin/hip flexor. I stretch to no avail. He is able to do so much more.

Twice through STS in a week is awesome! You are keeping your muscle mass and running for fat loss so I think you're in a great place. Who cares what the scale says-you can run and lift!

I'm really hoping to be well enough to do the new series. I'm probably getting rid of all my impact stuff so I'm not tempted to just try it.

Today I did a BR workout in the a.m. and STS disc 6-legs at lunch. I prefer to put legs in between the upper body w/o's. I don't always get through each week twice in a week, but I try. It really depends on how my body feels. I did disc 4-CSB yesterday, all the pushups were torture. Looking forward to meso 2. The scale isn't where I want it to be, but life is too short to not enjoy a piece(es) of chocolate or a glass of wine. This is the last week of the cleanse and I'm enjoying all the plant based meals. I did enjoy a glass of wine tonight. I struggle with sleep issues all the time. Anywhere between 5-7 has been the norm lately. I'm looking forward to the new series. As much as I enjoy high impact, my body is fighting me on it. I can only do it a couple times per week. I hope to get back to stepping a bit after my races. I had a pedicure tonight and it was wonderful and long overdue. I have a massage scheduled for next week. My neck shoulder area has been bothering me. The spa has rescheduled my massage twice. Once due my therapist being out sick, and then injured and had a couple weeks off. I've seen other therapists, but I really want her. She will do upper body and leave enough time to work on my neck/shoulder issue.

I'm sorry you are struggling with your hip issues. Keep with the therapy, it seems to be what works best. Stretching can't always get into the muscle like the therapist can, especially the hip, groin, and bum area. The butt massage is amazing! I hope consistency with your physical therapy allows you to continue exercising, as that is so important as we age.

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