Damage Control July


Friday with my mom went really well. It was nice getting away and not having any distractions. I walked before we went. Saturday I went to the pool in between soccer matches. It's getting really hot here as well. Sounds like you're having a great time with the grandkids! I'm off now to watch Russia vs. Spain.

Yesterday I ended up doing an upper body premix using Gym Styles. I did the warm up and Chest/Tricep Superset premix followed by the Timesaver premix for BSB and its cooldown. It clocked in at an hour and was good! Also walked at nearly 9PM last night for a bit since that was when it finally cooled down.

Not sleeping much in this heat-between 6 and 7 hours/night. DH refuses to get air conditioning for "a week here and there". I even think I'm ready to go back to work-it's air conditioned there!

I'm trying to get my workouts and clean eating back on track. Yesterday I did a BR w/o and RWH BSB. This morning I did TTM Xtreme premix and am taking the girls to the park at lunch. I should be able to get in my 10K steps today. I cooked up some chicken burgers (new to me) and its pretty good and mashed a quarter avocado on top. DS1 will be working less this month while the girls are here. That will help a lot. Our AC has been running almost non stop with the heat in the high 90's and even 100's so far.

That premix sounds like a goodie. AC is expensive, but my DH wouldn't consider living without it. We do use it a lot.
Today I did a BR w/o in the morning and went to the park with the girls at lunch. I was hoping to get in some weights today too, but we ended up going shopping tonight. At least I got in over 10K steps! I'm so looking forward to my new washing machine being delivered tomorrow. I have tons of laundry to do. It will take at least 2 days to get everything done. We are going to the fireworks our city is putting on. They will have face painting, pony rides etc.

What have you been up to and what are your plans for the 4th?
Monday was another pool day. The water feels so good in this heat and humidity! Tuesday I did the legs of total body trisets from low impact. I don't know what it is about that one, but it always gets me. I was planning on doing the pool today, but don't know if my legs are up for it. I'm thinking about another upper body split instead.

I'm so glad you're getting your washing machine! Your 4th plans sound great. Do you get the holiday off? I get to have my wing at work all to myself since we don't have enough nurses! Should make for a long night and I'll probably be seeing stars by the end (does that count as fireworks?)! No, I just have to pace myself and it will be fine.

Soccer everyday is over now. The quarterfinals are Friday and Saturday and I'll get to see two out of the four games. I won't get to see either semi, but will be off for the final and the 3rd place match. So, I've been watching a lot of soccer, reading, and started back to work last night.

Have fun today!

I was off on the 4th and my new washer was delivered! Needless to say I did a ton of laundry. No workouts for Wednesday or Thursday. I took today off just because I needed a day. My weight has been up at each of my WW weigh in for the last 4 weeks. UGH. My schedule is different with the girls here, not sleeping, regular exercise has gone by the wayside, and just not eating what I should is all showing up on the scale. The 7 Day Thrive plan came at just the right time for me. I'm so happy you are doing it with me too! I just started reading through it this morning. I am not giving up my 2 cups of coffee though.

Sounds like you aren't having any trouble keeping up with your workouts! Trisets is awesome. I should probably revisit those. Not much of the World Cup left. Who do you want to win? Have you had any job opportunities come up?
Yay for the washer! My weight is up too. DH thinks it's from the humidity...wishful thinking. I'm really looking forward to the reset as well. I went and got the non perishables I needed yesterday and will get the veggies on Sunday and do some prepping on Sunday. My biggest concern right now is what I'll do at work next week on Wed., Thurs., and Fri. I'm thinking there might be a lot of the apple dish. I don't know if the drinks will keep. I can do water at work (of course). Anyway-I'll make it work somehow. Maybe I'll just take raw veggies in to stay with the program. At least I'm off on Monday and Tuesday to see how the drinks go. I'm with you on the coffee!

We got the dog last night and already took her for an hour walk today. That'll probably be my workout since I work later. I'm rooting for Brazil and England right now. Nothing on the job front...still looking. DS2 is looking too and is getting lots of phone interviews right now-fingers crossed!

Off to watch France and Uragay right now!

My weight is up because I keep stuffing my face. This morning I did 2 BR w/o's and I'm beat. I'm going to my sisters tomorrow so I did my Sunday chores today-mowing the lawn and shopping. I'm not sure what bit me, but both ankles were bit. It hurt so bad I had to stop mowing and come in the house and put ice on it. DH said one of them looks like a bee sting, the one that hurt the most. I had almost everything on page 2 of the shopping list. My grocery store was out of cilantro, I'll stop somewhere on my way home from my sisters tomorrow and pick some up.

I don't need to do much prep since I'm home. I've done this before when I was working and just took a cooler with a frozen block in it and it worked fine. It's only for 7 days. I did put Monday's smoothie ingredients into 2 freezer bags. I normally drink my 2 cups of coffee, then do my workout, then do the tonic. That is what works for me. On your day's off, you could do the tonic first before your coffee. I take my thyroid medication in the morning and I'm not sure I should be taking it with the tonic.

I'm having trouble staying on track with the girls here. My workouts and eating are out of whack. I'm trying to get a handle on it and I think this 7 day reset is just what I need. I also think I will do the 21 day cleanse in August. We haven't booked their return flight but I think it will be sometime the last week of July. Whatever the cheapest date is, since I'm paying for it.

Enjoy the rest of the Wold Cup! Nice job getting out and walking. We are having mid 90's and it's just so uncomfortable. I hope something comes through for DS2.
This morning I did a BR circuit (started their Real Time Challenge) again and today was day 2. I also added on RWH Chest & Back. I'm sort of following the BR lives, but I didn't care for their C&B w/o so subbed with Cathe. I also joined in on their 100 swings per day for July. I started late but will just extend until I get the 31 days in. I did do 200 swings, but that was pretty challenging for me. I'm heading out to hang with my sister this afternoon. We may go get a pedi together.

I guess you are working this weekend. I'm really looking forward to the cleanse!
Yes, busy at work all weekend. The NYT has an article about staffing at Nursing Homes and the issue is endemic. That makes me feel better, but still makes it hard at work. We're also dog sitting so take her out for walks a lot. Sat. I just walked with the dog. Sunday I did High Reps. My back hurt last night so if I can't get it stretched out, that one goes away as well. It kind of feels nice to just focus on my diet for the week. I did the cleanse tonic this morning and thought it tasted ok. Coffee has all kinds of antioxidants in it; and is good for the liver and brain. So, yes, I'm having my coffee now! I still need to get to the store for some of the salad and smoothie items. Only workout I have planned to day is a long dog walk. We take her back tomorrow :confused:.

I would need major instruction on how to do a swing-good for you for doing the challenge! Sounds like you had a really nice weekend.

This morning I only had 1 cup of coffee and then did my workout. I bought turmeric yesterday but can't find it this morning. I had the lemon/ginger tonic instead. I just finished the mint cucumber smoothie and it was delicious. I'm a little out of order since I don't have any cilantro yet. No harm though. I have today's smoothies in freezer bags and I had to add more liquid to make it drinkable. It was still very thick and I did use a spoon.
I'm in the cleanse FB group and it seems quite a few folks blend the smoothies and freeze them ahead of time. Some put the blended smoothies in freezer bags and other put them in ball canning jars with plastic lids. One of those option might work for the days you work. Getting the timing right so it's thawed enough to drink might be a little tricky. I'm heading to the park at lunch with the girls. I walk while they play on the swings and play structures. Swings!! I've had kettlebells for years and many of the BR w/o's utilize them.
I'm a bit tired this morning. The girls wear this grandma out. I did a BR w/o yesterday morning, went to the park at lunch and after dinner. I've been getting 12-14K steps in. The BR rotation I'm following is circuit based, cardio/wt repeat for time. I want to fit in more solid weight training but it's harder with the girls here. This morning I have a mammo appt so will miss my morning w/o. Not sure what I will be able to do later.

The cleanse is going well for me. Well, I don't really like having nuts on hand because they are just so easy to overeat-and I do. Other than that, the rest is going great. The sweet potato dinner made enough for 2 meals. I think I may switch the lunch and dinners, have the dinner for lunch and the 2nd smoothie for dinner. I think I could eat this way all the time. I wish my family would too. That's what makes it hard.

How are you liking the cleanse? Would you be interested in the 21 day cleanse in August?
Hi-been busy yesterday with getting the dog back to Aaron and getting stuff organized for the cleanse! Plus, of course, I had to watch Belgium vs. France yesterday! England is on today, but I have to be to work at 1 for a meeting. Luckily I only work Wed. and Thurs. of the cleanse. I made the cauliflower bowl for both nights and figure I'll have a Granny smith and almonds for snack. I'm definitely full enough with this meal plan-which is nice. It's nice not having to count calories.
I am really enjoying the cleanse and I think my bloating is down-or so it seems to me! Tell me more about the August one!

Workout wise on Monday I did X10 the Double Low Impact premix and Tuesday I did ICE kickbox with abs. Today I want to go to the pool. I just don't feel like doing weights. Maybe it's the cleanse? I love circuits-you're getting decent weight work with pushups and curls. Enjoy keeping up with the girls!

Feeling good! How about you? Just took a half hour bike ride now heading to the hot tub at the gym. I'm thinking about doing the 3 month STS/LI challenge from January 2012. It's an undulating rotation and looks good. Are you going back to STS after the girls go back? How is your cleanse going? I love that cauliflower rice bowl. Tomorrow night I'm going to make the spiral zucchini dish. Plus I have to go to Wal-Mart tomorrow to get some more kale and spinach. 4 day weekend-can't wait! (England lost btw, so they play Belgium for 3rd place on Sat. :()

This morning I did the Gauntlet workout from the Terminator disc. It was a nice change of pace for me. The cleanse is going okay, I did have a piece of chocolate today though...and I really really really want to have a glass of wine. Oh well, I'll live. I'm very tired this evening, but I think it has more to do with all the activity with the girls than the cleanse. I haven't lost any weight, but haven't gained any either. I'm not buying any more food for this cleanse, I have plenty to get me through Sunday. The stuffed avocado and avocado caprese salae are both so good. I had the almond zoodle dish for dinner tonight and it was delicious. It's similar to a recipe in the 21 day cleanse but that one is made with asparagus. I'm not sure when I'm going to do STS again, but it really isn't feasible with the girls here. Oh, I may be getting a trip back to the UK! If it happens, it would be in the Oct/Nov time frame. I sure hope I get to go there again. Oh, I'm thinking of skipping WW tomorrow. I haven't been tracking this week and my weight is the same. I'd rather workout since I missed my w/o on Wednesday for the Mammogram appt.

I saw that England lost. :( Are you still up for Paris next year? I've been trying to do some research on the best time to visit. My schedule is pretty open next year. We do have our condo for 2 weeks, probably a week in July and another week in Oct/Nov. My niece traveled through Europe for 3 weeks so I want to get some information from her too.
I'm liking the cleanse. I've substituted green apples though for the avocado. I'm not good at buying ripe avocados and I'm tired of wasting money on them. I prepped the almond zoodle dish for dinner for tonight. I tripled the recipe for leftovers! We are going to Wal-Mart in a few minutes and I need spinach and kale for the smoothies. Today for breakfast I finished up what was left from the cauliflower with sweet potato dish and had an orange. My weight is maintaining and I'm feeling good on this way of eating. It's kind of like whole30 but with maple syrup and no meat (an no cofee o_O). Do you miss the protein or do you think you get enough with the almonds? I miss beans, but I'm not nearly as bloated now. I can see having smoothies for breakfast/lunch a lot more often now. I like making them with water, too.

Gotta run...DH is out of the bathroom so we're off!

I skipped my WW meeting this morning and did a BR w/o. My weight is still up, same wt as last week. At lunch I went to the store with the girls to pick up a few more veggies to finish off this cleanse. I've been a bit bloated and I think it's just from all the foods. The smoothies have air from being blended, and I've always suffered from veggie belly. I haven't been taking my probiotics since starting the cleanse, but have added them back in today. I love avocados and have had the stuffed avocados several times already. If they start to turn bad, I peel and quarter them and freeze them on wax paper. Once frozen I put them in a ziploc bag in the freezer and use them in protein shakes. I do the same with bananas, if we don't eat them all I just peel, cut in half and freeze. Once they are frozen I put them in a ziploc bag in the freezer and add to a protein shake. I even freeze the greens if they start turning too. I hate wasting money on food. Much to my surprise, I haven't really missed the protein. I really do not like having nuts around, they are just too easy to overeat and I will. The almond zoodle dish is delish. There is one with asparagus in the 21 day cleanse that is equally as delicious. Oh, I picked up frozen zoodles and frozen riced cauliflower today. I'm totally breaking the cleanse with a glass of wine. I don't feel bad about it either. I do enjoy eating all the fruits and vegetables. I also like that there are no grains or dairy on this cleanse. I'm not sure if I'm sensitive to gluten, but I feel much better when I do not eat grains.

Happy Friday!
I've had wine and coffee, too. Maybe it's working where I work, but life is way to short to not have what you like when you can!

I made the almond zoodles for last night and had it on the zoodles. DH had it on some leftover cauliflower rice. He thought my sauce was too thick (he also thought it must have some cream in it because it was so creamy!). Otherwise, we liked it. I still have two servings left for the weekend.

What a great idea about freezing the greens! I hate to waste, too, and will definitely start doing that. I think I'm going to continue on this diet. I have been handwriting all the recipes in a notebook. Plus, I did not have time to make everything, so there are some that I still need to try. I used all my broccoli up last night and still want to try the broccoli steaks some time.

Guess what? Aaron is being flown to LAX next Wed. for an interview with Vanda Pharmaceuticals!!! He's had a phone, skype, and now will have this face-to face with the company. It is for an Associate Sales Rep for the company. He would be based out of Santa Barbara. I don't want to jump the gun, but I'm so hopeful he'll get a job soon.

Off to watch Belgium and England. Did RWH LI HiiT Workout one yesterday. I definitely need to do weights today! Have a good weekend. What's going on?

Yesterday I did 2 BR w/o's and today I did another 2 w/o's. Feeling sufficiently fried. It was cute and they enjoyed I had a smoothie for breakfast today but had the almond zoodles for lunch. I was super hungry after my w/o's. I didn't buy any broccoli, but you can also make Cauliflower Steaks instead. The girls and I went to see Hotel Transylvania 3 yesterday afternoon and then they spent the night with my MIL. Getting some peace and quiet today. :) They aren't really a lot of work, but it is draining hearing hundreds of times a day "Gramma, when is your break", or "Gramma, when can we go to the park".

Wow, that is great news for Aaron. I wish him all the best!!! It is so expensive to live in CA. Nice job with RWH!!!
Well, RWH might have been too much for my SI joint. I've been stretching like mad, but did have to take some pain medicine last night to get some sleep. Wait and see how it goes. I did PUB on Saturday, and took a bike ride on Sunday. Starting to feel better. Planning on the pool today.

Sat. England lost-again. This time Belgium, which is ok since I know their team and coach. Oh well...England has a very young team, so maybe in 4 years they can try again.

Ate really well on Sunday-didn't care for the almond butter in the shake, but liked all the other shakes I made. I signed up for the 7 day SGS plan and since I have lots of fruit and spinach left will just keep doing shakes.

We're getting the dog again tomorrow evening and will have her through Thursday. Thursday we're taking her back to Aaron, staying overnight at State College, then leaving from there for my family reunion on Friday. I'll be working out in motel gyms for a few days-and walking I hope! Did laundry yesterday and am looking forward to getting away for a bit.

Speaking of getting away:
I really want to see the museums, walk the streets, and eat some French fair. I just finished a book, The Nightingale, and it was set in France during WWII. What do you want to do/see there? Do you think we can manage without knowing any French?


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