Daily Check in Tuesday August 23, 2016


Good Morning Everyone,

Today I did a mish mosh (in Canada I am sure we say mish mash).

I did:
Cardio Supersets – no cool down – didn’t do last round
Pilates by Lisa – 8 minutes
Muscle meltdown biceps – 2 sets

How do some of you manage 2+ workouts a day? I'd be spent! Not to mention - no time. I would love such a world where I have that kind of time to spend alone with Cathe and her crew.

Have a great day everyone.
Good morning ladies!! Its been a long time. I was thinking of you all today after doing today's Cathe workout. I hope you are all well. I am well, exhausted but in good spirits. Today I did Stretch Max #1. First time i've done a cathe workout in eons!! Yesterday I did Lauren Brooks The Smoker & the Finisher. I purchased a couple of her DVD during a sale some time ago and have been pretty good about doing these shorter workouts. I use a 15lb kettlebell and a 25 lbs kettelebell for her workouts.

The campaign is going well. Election day is one week from today. My husband it taking me to Key West two days after. We need the vacation! Win or lose, I feel like a winner! This has been a tremendous experience. I've learned a lot about myself and about people in general. I have tremendous respect for people running for local office now.

I will have to catch up on all you have been doing. Have a great day!!

Hi Ceci and Carmen and all to follow,

Today I did the Piloxing DVD minus the abs. Then I did the floor work off of Jeanette Jenkins Sexy Arms, Legs and Abs.

Just wanted a change of pace today.

Have a great day!

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Hi ladies,
I also had a change of pace today... Much slower than usual.
Only exercise I got in was biking with my son... 2x 40min, not going all that fast. We biked in to town (8km) to see Finding Dory and then back home again.

After dinner it was so hot, also indoors, surpringly as we have hd very few warm days this summer. So instead of a w/o I went for a nice 35min walk with my bf.

Hopefully I can get back to my w/o's tomorrow.

Take care.
Carmen! Hello and good luck to you. I wish you all the best with the election. Great to see you at check in again.

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