Daily Check in Tuesday April 21, 2015


Good morning everyone,

This morning I did RWH Back + PUB BAck + Glute Challenge (200 squats + 200 thrusts). Next I did an Abs Challenge.

Have a great day everyone.

Conni - your sons look alike. They look like you.
Hi ladies,

Thanks Siobhan - they do look like me, poor kids!

Working from home today.
Went to get my purse from the kitchen table this morning to leave for work and couldn't find it. After DS and I turned the house upside down, we also discovered the controllers for the Xbox missing, and that we had left the garage door open last night.
Called the police and they came over. We discovered a few minor things missing and DS's car had been opened up, but that was it.
Now, I have everything in that purse, from DH's meds to credit cards...you get the idea.

The police said this was happening all over the city and that most of the time the bag is found in the bushes nearby.
We took a walk down the bike path a few homes away and 1/4 quarter of a mile on the path is a creek. Guess what was floating in the creek?
My purse! Everything was in it except for a few dollars in cash. the contents were totally soaked, but the meds were dry, lol.
So now I am drying everything out and cleaning up the stuff that survived the "drowning". The police said they take cash, gift cards and pretty much leave the rest so they can't be traced..
We live in a decent suburban neighborhood and it just makes me very angry that someone just walked in our home. Sherman, the wonder dog, was sound asleep on my bed when all this occurred last night as well...

BTW - I did Yoga Warrior this morning, lol...
Wow Conni that would be scary to think you were there also. Glad you were able to recover your purse. Sorry this happened to you.

I did the Get Amped Taebo workout today for cardio.

Have a great day!
Wow Conni I'm glad it you found your purse and don't have to cancel cards and redo your ID. That's got to be a weird feeling to know someone was in your house...Glad your ok.

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