Daily Check In: Saturday, June 17, 2006


Good day!

Well, I'm happy. Happy happy happy. Doing the happy dance! My rotation called for a 45min steady state run, so I hopped out the door tonight and gave it a go. I was expecting to have to alternate running and walking, but instead did a 5 min walk warm up, 35 minute run (no breaks needed!), and a 5 min walk cool down. I used Cathe's Intensity Series CD in my player, and really, really enjoyed it. I finished the run during "Rainmaker", and had to quench the urge to do some tap-repeaters a la Interval Six (my favourite of IMAX2). Cardiovasularly speaking, the run felt very comfortable and easy. I could easily have gone on longer. My left knee started squawking part way through, and was the reason I stopped when I did. I'm tickled pink. I haven't run in at least 2 years. Cathe's cardio workouts are truly advanced enough to do some great conditioning.

Wendy - I used to do a lot of 5km races, and a few 8kms. Ergo, my large stack of t-shirts (they're always part of the race kit). Personally I find outdoor running easier than on the treadmill, but the only treadmill I've ever tried is that cheap one I bought after Christmas, so it's probably not a good comparison. HSC is one of my favourite workouts (love the music).

Kim - I'm so happy to read some positive statements from you. You've struggled with that foot for so long now. You deserve a huge pat on the back for being so persistent with working out.

Phyllis - how do you do wall squats? I read the BBW breakdown, but she doesn't explain what these are.

Meaghan - I *hate* genie hops, too. That's my least favourite interval of IMAX2. IMAX Extreme is a really fun workout.

Gym Mom - extra rest days are definitely necessary some times. I hope you have a good workout today.

Annette - you must be so relieved to be able to do step without foot pain. I hope everything continues to mend well.

Jane - I'm sure your "yard" work is keeping you in great condition!

Tammy - you never told us yesterday how you liked the TLT BBBB yesterday (since I don't have that workout, I have no idea what I just typed!).

Okay, I'd best get going. This post is long enough! "Hello" to the whole gang. Have a great day!

Sandra, you are my inspiration for today!I also put on my running shoes and did a 35 mon run. I was never one to do alot of running, only when the mood strikes, so it had been a while. I think the last time I did any kinkd of distance was in April. Well, it felt great. The weather is cool and there weren't too many bugs out. It will be interesting to see how we feel tomorrow. Are you going to continue with running?

As for wall squats - here's how I do em. I use a stability ball and place that between the wall and me.(behind my back) Then, I elevate one leg slightly(still keeping it bent at the knee). I prceed to do a one legged squat with the SB rolling along behind me. Does this make any sense?

Well, I'm to shower and work. Phyllis

Good morning ladies,

Well today I can't decide if it will be my rest day or the CTX kickbox,pub ball,and a run. I am going to the lake shortly and I know I will be tired when I get back. If rest day I will be working tomorrow hard instead of that being a rest day. We'll see!

Sandra-Congrats on your walking and running. I think I would really fall out from doing the five mile walk. You must be in some awesome shape!

Phyllis- Those wall squats, how do you keep your balance? I tried it last week and it was very hard for me to keep from wobbling. How far are you supposed to put your feet back? It just felt very awkward for me. And one leg out was impossible. Hehe! I'm in bad shape huh?

Hope everyone has a great day!

Will check in later to let you know what kind of exercise day I had.

Good Morning Ladies.

Sandra: You are just amazing! I bow to you! I guess it's because you have previous experience that you were able to head out the door and just run run run with little issue!? :D

Phyllis: Have a great day!

Kim: So wonderful to see you working out again! Are you feeling pumped that you can finally get back into it?

Today is my outdoor run which will pale in comparison to Sandra up there, LOL! My goal for this morning is 9-10 mins running/1 min walking along my 2 mile route. ]

Then it's home for a shower and LOTS AND LOTS of packing! :eek: YIKES! BTW--I DESPISE packing just so y'all know and I have to do it for THREE people! LOL Well, I don't really have to plan for DH (which is the part I hate). He is going to give me what needs to be packed so all I have to do is fit some where and not forget anything! I forgot to pack his sneakers for our honeymoon! He spent the week in sandals! :eek: We are still married though so I guess he forgave me!;) :7 :p

Have a great day!
Hey wendy,

The way that packing goes in my house is the two teens take clothes and pack it in a back pack and dh just says "I want this, this, and this" and throws it into a suitcase. I am the only normal one who packs right! But hope you have lots of fun on your cruise!

Good Morning Fit Chicks!

This morning I'll be doing Coach Candace's version of CC#6 and CM#1.

TLT BBBB stands for Tracie Long Training Better Burn, Better Buns. It is one hour of functional fitness emphasizing the lower body, abs and some cardio. I had previewed it before I did it, but still spent half the workout staring at the screen trying to figure out what they were doing. I'm going to breakdown the workout until I "get" it as I think this one is a keeper. I burned 400 calories and, as I said, spent half that time just standing and staring at the screen.

Sandra: CONGRATULATIONS on your run! Awesome job!

Wendy: Keep at it girl....you'll get there.

It is another rainy day here...blech!

Hello to all that follow...have a great day!
Before I went to the lake I decided to do some abs and let me tell you the ones that Power90 did kicked my butt! He went so fast and moved from one exercise to the next. So I have one less thing to do today.

See ya,

HI girls!

No formal workout for me today. Yesterday was walking, and upperbody.......today is working in the yard, washing cars and cleaning garage.....I think that a workout on it's own!

It's HOT here today!!! 3 Cheers for SUMMER!!!:7 :7 I love it.

Hope everyone has a great day!
Back to report on my outdoor running progress:

5 min w/u
11 min. mile
1 minute walking recovery
10.52 min. mile
5 min c/d

I'm doing the happy dance right now! I am thrilled!:+

Great work outs everyone! Enjoy your saturday! It's back to packing for moi!;)
Today was Imax 3 (I LOVE CARDIO!) and chin-ups (I like what chin-ups do for me! I like them when I'm done!).

"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." Mark Twain ;-)
Morning ladies. Today was supposed to be GS Legs and a 30 minute run, but I decided to go to the gym instead. I did several leg machines and then 50 minutes on the elliptical. I haven't done weight machines in probably a good 6 or 7 years, so I had forgotten how brutal they can be. It was good though. Hopefully I hit some different muscles than they are used to.

Sandra - Great job on your run! I can honestly say that I enjoy running now. It used to be the big DREAD factor and now I look forward to the days I have running in my rotation. Maybe I'll feel that way about push ups some day.:7

As I thought, no exercise today. I'll have to start back tomorrow. (My rambling about this is on yesterday's thread). Kim - in case you didn't check back on yesterday's thread, I welcomed your back!! It is good to "see" you again!!

Tomorrow I will report a workout.

Gotta run! I've got a birthday party to go to, my MIL is 72 today.

I think I may take today as a rest day. I did the Power90 ripper abs, and boy they put on a burn. If I get the mood to do anything else I will check in. Right now though I feel just a rest for now.

Jane-Hey girl! Thank you for the welcome back. I am back to exercising, still can't do some stuff but I can do a lot more since surgery. The weird thing is that doing step really bothers me more than anything. But I'm not complaining that's for sure. Also I didn't go to the charlotte race, and wanted to kick myself especially cause my man Kasey Kahne won. Doesn't that figure! It is real good to talk with you again and maybe we can get up together if I go to the Oct. charlotte race.

Well I will check in if I get the motivation to work out. But I think it will be a rest one.

Have a good day!


Okay I didn't end up with a rest day. I took a nap and then was thinking about how I haven't done circuit max in a while. I knew I would have to modify, but so what. I only did the w/u and 3 circuits. Wow that takes alot of endurance and it was a killer! I am sweating like a dog now and it feels good! I have two weeks before the beach and I need to lose at least 10 pounds. It made me feel good when dh told me at the lake that he could tell I had lost weight. That gives me some great incentive.

Tomorrow probably won't be rest day either because dh wants to go by a track to jogg and I will do a walk/jogg. I haven't quite got up to a all the way jogg.

Have a good afternoon!

kim:) :)

Hello friends,
I know it is late for posting, but I feel I need to check in. I know it is silly. I ran 4 miles and did pub. I am now off to the mall to spend some money and eat some yummy food and California pizza kitchen. Have a great evening and I will be here in the morning.


Wendy--great job on the running! So wanted to run today, but life got in the way. My rotation calls for rest, but I will do some abs tonight. I jsut realized that my rotation ends tomorrow!!! OMG!!!! What am I going to do next????????
ANy ideas would be nice. I have lost another 2 pounds with the clean eating. But I still have some fat. I am determined to look at least decent in a bathing suit before summer ends!!

Maeghan AKA megadoo

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