Daily Check In, Monday Sept. 7


Hi ladies,

Today I did Cathe Live Cardio Mish Mosh, some of it on my rebounder, ankles a bit sore from all the cardio this week.

DS goes back to school today, I am glad he is close, it isn't so hard to see him go...but...

Back to work tomorrow...boo hisss...lolol
Hi Conni,

I have both today and tomorrow off. yeah. I hope you are not dreading returning to work too much and that the day goes well for you.

Today I did RWH Back/rear delts/biceps. I am not doing much else today. Will take dog for a walk and finish assignment.

have a good day everyone.
Hi gals,

Today was KCM TLC the Boxing Combo premix and the abs section on this one. Finally got to sleep in so no gym since is closed at 1 today bacause of Labor Day. Only got to sleep in because dh was home (off) and could get up to take care of the dog.

Have a great day!!
Hello dear friends!! I miss checking in. For the last two weeks I have been doing the short intense power yoga workouts by Zuzka light. They are about 1o mins but very challenging!! I am doing them every other day because there is so much plank work my shoulders hurt. Today my husband and I did a mish mosh kettlebell workout in the garage.

I am campaigning and collecting 5000 signatures between now and April 2016 to get on the August 2016 ballot. It sounds like a lot but its doable. There is great support for change, there are now 6 people who have filed to run. Four men and me (the other woman is the incumbent). Two of the men are very well funded. I am the only one collecting signatures. I love that it gets me out in the community.

Great workouts ladies!!! Have a great evening.


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