@DAILY CHECK IN July 21st@


Hi gals,

Today is my middle son's 21st birthday!

Today was Cathe's CTX Kickbox cardio only then Jeanette Jenkins floorwork.

Have a great day!
Hi Annette,

Sorry, forgot to check in yesterday but it was a rest day for me. I couldn't get up.

Today I did a 35 minute Millionaire Hoy workout. Cardio weights - upper body.

Happy bday to your son. Eat cake.
Happy Birthday to Annette's son, and I echo Siobhan, - eat cake!!

Today was Turbofire EZ 45 and Stretch 10. I need to re-incorporate the TF series into my cardio.
Happy Tuesday ladies!! I got a tabata style workout in today. Feeling great. Just wish I could work out more frequently. I am now officially a candidate for office! Going full speed ahead and already dodging the haters!! www.carmensalome.com
Happy birthday to Annette's son! I love cake!!

Have a great evening.

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