Back from my lunch workout. Biceps/triceps done as drop sets 4x10

Dumbbell biceps curls - 20's, 17's, 16's, 15's (may have been a wee bit ambitious with these weights & had to cheat with a few seconds rests to continue)
Overhead triceps extensions - 30, 27, 25, 22
Cross-body biceps curls - 17's, 16's, 15's, 14's
Double-arm kickbacks - 13, 12, 11, 10
Incline dumbbell curls - 16's, 15, 14, 13
Lying dumbbell triceps extensions - 16's, 15, 14, 13
Dumbbell biceps curls - to failure 12's and 10 reps (forearms were beyond fried)
Weighted triceps dips - to failure - 20# and 16 reps

Andrea - awesome with the weight loss. Congrats!

Melissa - have fun with whichever cardio you go with.

Jessica - nicely done on the run

Jolene - sorry your run was interrupted :confused:

Chris - LOL on the sweat flying. DH keeps getting onto me for not cleaning the tv off :eek: Love how you did bis from 2 diff workouts. It's fun to do that sometimes.

Nora - I think I forgot to say hi!!!!

Roxie 1965

Hey everyone!

Today I did Turbo Fire 55 EZ with the music fired up (LOUDER than Chalene, so you mostly just hear the music). I had a blast!! It's crazy how at the end, during the 2nd finale, the music is so crazy, I SHOULD be on the floor passed out from the previous 40 minutes, yet I'm all into it , sweat flying everywhere! .. I actually did my weight work first. Did SJP Biceps and PUB Biceps. TF 55 EZ has a little bit of standing ab work at the end, so I called it a day!

Belinda: Impressive weights! You're doing great!

Debbie: Lately i've been finding traditional ab work like on the older videos, REALLY give me DOMS the next day. Let me know how you feel tomorrow from it!

Heather: Fun you did AS and it reminded you of the RT! Good split today on the cardio and weight work. thanks for the compliment! :)

Jo: When I am in my running mode, (usually Fall and Springtime), I don't generally run early early. BUT, the few times I did, the same thing happened to me. I was in the middle of THE PARK and had this wicked belly ache all of a sudden. It wasn't good. I had to run back to my car and drive home! . I tend to not run before breakfast anymore like that.

Jess: *bows* to you for running in soup! I am such a fair weather runner!!

Roxie: Hope you find a fun cardio to do. Are you done with CLX now?

Andrea: PUB is great! Love that workout. Nice job on the extra walk too! You get to be at the beach AND lost 4 lbs? SOOOOOO jealous!!! :p

Nora: Awesome workout last night! You are my hero!!!!!

Chris-I still have 3 weeks of CLX left and then I am thinking about doing it with the Turbo Fire workouts.


Reporting in on my workout today: I did Kick Punch Crunch a Cathe premix from fittv 45 minutes. burned 398 calories.

I bought a heart rate monitor today ao I can keep track of calories burned, etc. Took me about 2 hours to figure the thing if I can just get it to stop beeping!!!!


Good job with KPC. That's a good one. There should be a setting to turn the training mode off or silence or something along those lines.

Reporting in on my workout today: I did Kick Punch Crunch a Cathe premix from fittv 45 minutes. burned 398 calories.

I bought a heart rate monitor today ao I can keep track of calories burned, etc. Took me about 2 hours to figure the thing if I can just get it to stop beeping!!!!

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

Tonite I did KCMs 30 min KBoxing, and Shape Abs.

KCM Stats:
30 min
25 in the zone
140 min hr
170 max hr
198 cals burned. I wore 1lb gloves.

5 min
0 in the zone
99 min hr
107 max hr
14 cals burned.


Hi girls!;)

I finished up with my workout about 8pm. So, I'll check in now. I don't feel up to doing personals so please forgive me.

Turbo Fire- Fire 30 Class= 33 Min
Calories burned= 383
Met Value= 8.50

KCM 30 Min to Fitness Circuit Burn - Workout# 1 =30 Min
Calories burned= 287

KCM- 30 Min to Fitness Circuit Burn- Abs Only= 6 Min
Met value= 4.25
Calories burned= 35

Total Calories burned= 705 ;)

I'm not feeling well and just don't have much energy still having neck and headache pain.

Have a great night girls and excellent job on all of your workouts!:eek::)

Hugs to : Debbie, Chris, Belinda, Jolene, Jessica, Melissa, Andrea, and Roxie!:cool:;)



Good evening,

I got my ENT results, I still have a virus/infection in my sinus! Somehow that virus is still hanging out. He believes he meds I got from the hopital in the US(in May) didn't kill the virus! Remember, both American and German doctor's told me I will have another sinus/ear infection. He also tested which antibotics/meds will and will not work for that kind of virus. I am on the antibiotics today:confused: Hope this it it:eek: I am so tired of this crap!

Debbie - nice job on CCV3 today. How is your hip doing?

Heather - glad you ejoyed LIC and your UB workout today. Nice going! I still don't have the steps from As down, lol!

Jolene - you guys are funny! I have no adice for you, sorry! Good job on your run and ab wo.

Melisssa - nice job, on CTX UB last night and today's workout. How did you like the purple potatoes.

Jessica - nice job on that run today.

Roxie - for a second I thought I missed your b-day, lol! Good for your husband getting a jump on things.

Andrea - nice job, on PUB. Have fun with your cardo today. Congrats, on your weight loss! KPC is fun, good job!

Chris - glad you still enjoying TF, I really need to look in to those workouts! They sound like pure fun. WTG, today.

Nora - sorry, you are not feeling 100%! (((HUGS))) hope you feel better soon. You are still kicking butt with your workouts, girl! I am impressed!

Have a great evening.
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