Cramping during exercise

Hi Lisa,

Please forgive me for taking so long to answer your question. I realize that in his book Dr. Clapp said that cramping during exercise was normal in the latter part of pregnancy and as long as the cramping went away after you stopped exercising you were probably okay. My concern about your situation is that you describe your cramping as "menstrual-like," which to me sends up a "red flag". I have had pregnant students who experienced "menstrual-like" cramps which turned out to be contractions that caused cervical dilation (preterm labor). Dr. Clapp also said in his book that you should be checked by your doctor/midwife frequently if you are experiencing "cramping" to make sure that your cervix is staying closed. You are in the home stretch now and the end is in sight. Why take a chance? My advice to you is to concentrate on your Stairmaster workouts which you said that you could do without cramping at all. Let me hear how you are doing.

Also, keep drinking water before during and after exercise. Getting dehydrated can bring on contractions!



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Hi again,

Thanks so much for your response. With all the books and confusing info out there that I've read, I appreciate being able to talk about this with someone besides my Dr. I feel my Dr. is ultra-conservative and most likely adheres to the old guidelines set by the ACOG. I have a Dr's appointment next week and I will be discussing the cramping with him (even if I may not like his response!!) I truly appreciate the opportunity to share my problem with you and get your input. You are a great asset to Cathe's forum!!

Take care,
Lisa H

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