Core work on Total Body Giant Sets #2


Am I the only one who cannot get up on my knee in those crazy situps Cathe does to start the giant set for core? I felt like my legs were flying in crazy directions.


You mean the triangle choke holds? It does take some getting used to and you might want to try them without class running and put more padding down for your knees. Once you get them down, they are fun....I like them so much more than when she does crunches in any of the classes.

Good luck!!!

aqua girl

Not sure if she shows a modification for the triangle choke holds in the Live class,
But if you have her Cardio Core Circuit DVD, she does them in that workout, and
Shows an easier modification for them.


Darn, I don't have Cardio Core Circuit. But thanks for the tips. I guess I will need to practice or just substitute something else when I do this Live workout again. I liked it but for this.

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