Coatsville, PA


i have to drive to Coatsville on Thurs morning to visit a few customers for work. i have heard it is abt 45 mins from Philly. can anyone confirm? i have heard there is a lot of construction up there, too.

if anyone has any info that would be wonderful, thanks!
Hi there - Coatsville is about 45 MILES from Center city Philadelphia, East on Route 30 to 76 East - not sure about construction, but driving to Deptford from Phila isn't much farther (although it is the same route the shore traffic takes over the Ben Franklin bridge...)

Be glad to help if I can do anything else!
I live 40 minutes from the city. There is a ton of construction going on....literally EVERYWHERE in the area. I plan on taking 476 to 76, 676, over the Ben Franklin Bridge. There is usually a lot of traffic, construction and families heading to the Jersey Shore for the weekend.

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