Climb out of your rut - Thursday


Morning. I'm planning on a cardio workout this afternoon. I'm not sure yet if I'll stick to the rotatio - I think it's a step workout - or try running. Sort of depends on the weather.

slwitt, yuk on the snow. I'd much rather have 80s. How was the meeting? Good news, I hope.

Cheryl, great news about the mammo call back! What a relief.

Are any of you hoping to go to the RT? I've been to a couple and they are great, but my budget won't allow it this year.


Robin!!!! What happend to DH saying... "When you go to the RT next year..,"
You must! C'mon... find a way, scrimp, beg, borrow, steal! It is so healing, uplifing. I want you there. It was so great for me. You deserve something just for you. Please say you'll try to find a way!

Leg day for me. There was a time when I would have dreaded leg day, not anymore. Meso 2 Week 1 - tri sets. Fantastic workout. If I could eat with the intensitiy of my wo I would look the way I feel. I will figure this out. ;)
Thank God for the passion of exercise.

Hope everyone is doing great. I am preregistering at the hospital today to turn in my adrenal gland next thursday the 15th. I sure hope my surgeon doesn't owe uncle sam too much! :eek: Starting to get a little butterflyish as it gets closer. I know I will be fine and better off when it's all done.


Wendy, it would be great to go, but we ran into some unexpected expenses this year. Plus, I work that weekend and it's really hard to switch weekends in the summer. And most of my "posse" won't be there this year. I'm aiming at next year. How about you aim for a RT east next year. I'm sorry you have to give up your gland. I'll be sure to put you at the top of the prayer list. ((Hugs))

Jodi, Linda - how about you two? Are you making it this year?


The meeting went ok. We don't have good news or bad news really. Everything is still up in the air on the status of things, even if grandma's homestudy comes back approved, doesn't mean they will place the kids there. We still have a little hope, but more concerned if the kids do go, then we will have to start all over again and how long we will have to wait to have kids in our home. Just sticking to the one day at a time plan. It will work out how it is supposed to, but I just wish I knew what that was!!

Didn't get a workout in yesterday due to the meeting. The kids also acted out yesterday with bad behavior so we just ate out. I plan on doing cardio this afternoon which shouldn't be a problem.

I appreciate your support and motivation to stick with the workout and eating schedule. I feel much better since I have started back with the workouts. It gives me time by myself to not think about anything except sweating hard and losing weight!!


Hi Ladies,

Yep, I'm in! Invoice #5 for this year's Road Trip. And I've already made my hotel and plane reservations...I don't think I've ever gotten my act together that quickly before. I am sorry I won't be seeing you all there, though! :(

Robin, more (((hugs))) to you with all you've been through lately. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Wendy, I'm also sending thoughts and prayers to you for your upcoming surgery. More (((hugs))) too! WTG on your workouts!!

Cheryl, glad to hear all was okay with the mammo!

slwitt, sorry to hear that things are still up in the air. Hope you get good news soon. I'm glad the workouts are helping is good to get a little time to yourself and work off some stress!

Son's oral surgery was canceled, so we took an impromptu trip to a nature area about an hour from here. It was a fun little trip; we always like to go there. No workouts, but we spent time rowing boats and walking in the woods, so I'm sure I burned a few calories. Today I did Rhythmic Step, which I haven't done in a long time. Worked up a good sweat!

My eating has not been great, but today I feel more in control. I have been reading the book "Intuitive Eating", and have been trying to focus on enjoying what I eat and paying attention to when I'm actually hungry, and when I feel full. Wish me luck!

Have a great rest of the day!!

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