Climb out of your RUT on Thursday


Hiddy ho all. Today's workout is to be CCC. So far so good with the diet. I'm off work tomorrow, because I work the weekend. I often over indulge on the evening before a day off, thinking I deserve a treat. I'm not going to fall into that trap this evening. A friend loaned us The Blind Side, so I'm hoping to watch it tonight.

Wendy, thinking about you today. I hope all goes smoothly and you have a great recovery.

Jodi, I'm almost done with my second STS rotation. One more STS workout left. I wish I had done better with my diet. I really see strength improvements, but no real changes in my bod due to the bad eating.

Worknprogress, welcome back! Good luck with STS and good job with the running. Now that the weather is nicer, I hope to get out running more. Last year at this time, I was training for my first 5K, so I had lots of incentive. I have to work the weekend of the same 5K this year, so I don't have any dangling carrots. I may have to sign up for one later on in May, or in early June, just to give me something to work towards.

Sally, sorry to hear about the kid issues. I guess that's one of the way he deals with being in limbo.

Lisa, I've never heard of implantable contacts. How's that work? Hey, I'm a big time enabler for my 22 year old daughter. It's really hard to let go and make them do it themselves. She did her income taxes by herself this year, groaning the whole time. We have started making her pay a pretty sizable rent as a way of getting her to save some money. If she behaves, she'll get it back some day. If not, well, I guess we'll take a nice vacation!

Keep up the good work ladies!



Well another busy busy day, all I was able to do was Pilates which is okay, tomorrow should be better and I'll get my cardio in.

Have a great day everyone!


Hi Ladies,

No workout for me today, even though I should have had time. I just got caught up in other things, and the next thing I knew it was practically dinner time. Oh well. Speaking of dinner, I think I also ate just a bit too much. So not a banner day for me. But tomorrow is another day, right?

Robin, have a nice day off!

Lisa, I am also curious about the implantable contacts.

Have a great evening everyone!


I did pyramid lower body today. I am wondering if my legs will make it to walk upstairs and fix dinner. They are on fire!!

My eating still hasn't been very good, it hasn't been horrible but not as good as I would prefer. I am having a hard time compensating for the workouts because I am just so hungry all the time! But I am glad that I am pushing myself to get the workouts in because they do really help with the stress factor.

I just am taking things one day at a time. Tomorrow I am off work, the kids don't have school and just our luck the weather is going to be cold and rainy! I am registering the kids for camp in the morning for the summer.

Tomorrow I need to do some major cardio to to help offset the sweets and eating out I have done this week. Hope everyone has a great evening!



I did LIC cardio premix this morning. I just love that workout :) I should have done some lower body weights this evening but I had a lousy day and came home to my 13 yr DS causing drama so I didn't do it. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

I would love to give you all more info about the implantable contact lenses! I am so ridiculously excited about the ICL surgery. I have been dependant on glasses since I was 7. I literally can't function without my glasses. I wore contacts for years but because I was careless with the cleaning I damaged my eyes so severely that I have scar tissue on the interior of my eyelids that gets inflamed and itchy when I try to wear contacts - so I don't! I haven't been able to wear them now for several years :mad: So I went to be evaluated for Lasik many years ago and was told I wasn't a good candidate because my pupils were too big. I was told to try again in a few years when the laser technology improved. So I went back earlier this year and they said I am still not a good candidate because my corneas are too thin :confused:

I was very sad until they told me about a procedure that is relatively new in the US but has been being used in Europe for almost 20 years - ICL or Implantable Contact Lenses also known as Phakic IOLs (intraocular lenses). It is basically the same procedure used for cataract patients (which has been around for 50+ years) except they leave your natural lense in place. So instead of using a laser to reshape the cornea, the surgeon makes a tiny incision into the iris, places a small collamer lense (Visian is the brand my surgeon uses) in front of your natural lense, and that's it. All done! The good part about it is that it's completely reversable if you don't have a good result. Although studies have shown that patients are more satisfied with this procedure than traditional lasik patients.

The surgery is significantly more expensive than Lasik but it is worth it to me. My surgeon charges $1900 for Lasik but this procedure is $6000. That includes the cost of the lenses ($1000 each!) and some people still require a little adjustment with Lasik to correct astigmatism and that price includes any adjustments. I don't have much astigmatism so I likely won't need the additional correction. The only other down side is that they don't do both eyes at the same time. They perform the surgery on one eye, wait 1 - 2 weeks (1 in my case) and then do the other eye. The results are not quite as immediate as with Lasik either. It can take several days for your vision to become clear enough to drive.

Hopefully that wasn't too much information! This was a big decision (easy, but big) for me. It's going to put a big dent in my workout plans, but I will do the best I can with it. My first surgery is 5/12 and the second is 5/19. I am like a kid waiting for Christmas!! Now my dental surgery is next Thursday - I am NOT looking forward to that :( That one will probably sideline me longer than the eyes but again, I'll do what I can.

Have a great night everyone!

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