I've been around for years. I'm super busy with have 3 little boys and with teaching, so I don't always post. I read posts often, though. I keep seeing things on fb about Isagenix cleansing systems after friending a rep. The posts on fb seem kind of scary (for ex: one poster wrote, "I cleansed yesterday. Already down 4 pounds. Tons of energy. I want to cleanse another day.").
I use Isagenix shakes from time to time as a breakfast. Yes, I prefer to eat real food, but some mornings are nuts (plus they taste great). So, my ? is......Is cleansing something you do? What are your thoughts? I thought it wasn't necessary, but maybe I'm missing something? Thanks!

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The last "cleanse" I did was Whole 30, last June. Not really a cleanse, you just cut certain foods from your diet for 30 days. Then slowly add them back, to see if they cause any inflammation. Four lbs. overnight, sounds very interesting. These shakes taste great? Would love to get more info. Thanks for the thread.
Great thread! I was thinking of starting the new year with a cleanse. I hope people chime in with some insight and experience.

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