Circuit/Metabolic Conditioning?


I *think* so. I think workouts like Afterburn and High Step Challenge are both metabolic workouts but the difference is that HSC is also strength work whereas Afterburn is not considered a strength workout. So circuit workouts give you both--strength and metabolic training.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong!


IMHO, metabolic conditioning today is kind of a catch all phrase, but it's really just a combination of activating different systems in the body, repeatedly, with short rests, in between, to me anyway.

Circuit training could be any number of things but here in Catheland I use the term meaning a workout containing both cardio sections & weight sections, often separate and alternating or including repeated sets of of different exercises of both cardio & weights together. At one time I would have considered a circuit workout, a nautilus type workout, where you could do any number of rounds working all the muscles in the body, one group at a time, for a total body workout.

Usually, to me it's like Cathe's Cardio & Weights, Low Impact Circuit, Body Fusion, etc.



I'm sooo confused!! It's the terminology! Can a circuit workout also be considered a metabolic workout? Then is something like Imax 3 a cardio circuit because you have intervals of high intensity? Or does the high intensity make Imax 3 a Hiit workout? Aaahhhh! I need Cathe to clear my head!


Don't the exercises have to be compound, like doing squats with overhead presses at a pace that gets the heart pumping? I may be wrong, but that's what I think it is.
Circuit/Metabolic training

Circuit incorporating both high intensity interval and the use of weight are metabolic training.

The current trend is using the terminology metabolic training but actually it was called circuit a time ago!:):);)

Workout resulting in afterburn are all metabolic: imaxes, including cardio and weight which does get mentioned on here, all high step training etc...

Cathe Friedrich - What Exactly Is a Metabolic Workout?
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