Chin-ups vs.Pull-Ups AND Push-Ups?


Hi Cathe,

I've got two sets of questions that I was hoping you could help with. :)

First, I've noticed in the Meso 1 back workouts that you have us do two sets of chin-ups and one set of pull-ups. Since the chin-ups incorporate more of the biceps, I was just wondering if they work different parts of the back than the pull-ups.

Also, it seems like I'm feeling some of the push-ups (like the Elmos, straddled ones, etc.) in my triceps more than my chest. Are some of the push-up sets designed to incorporate more triceps work than chest work?

Thanks so much! I'm just loving STS! :D


Good question Leanne! I have often wondered if I was doing something wrong with push ups because I hardly ever feel them in my chest, but more in the tricep and shoulders, like you! I have always thought that pushups are pretty self explanitory, however, never really thought of them as a chest workout! can't wait for an answer to this one :)


Thanks, Dani! I was worried about posting this, but figured that Cathe would be the person to ask! :) I definitely feel the wide- and normal-stance push-ups in my chest, but some of the others seem to involve more triceps work . . . .

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