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I want to buy a chin up bar because I plan on purchasing the PX90 program.I noticed that the one offered by beachbody is significantly more money than that offered at Dick's or sports authority.Can someone who has done the Tony Horton program recommend which one to buy ?Thanks in advance
The type that Beachbody offers is great. I have it but I got it cheaper off another site on the internet. The catch with it, though, is that it requires you to have molding around your doorways. The entire bar is meant to be put up and taken down as needed which I prefer to the kind below....

With the other kind you screw the "base" into the door way and then place the bar on it. The base stays put and I guess you can take the bar on and off as you need it.
Wal-Mart has one for about $16 that I got. It was kind of a pain putting it up by myself bacause you have to screw it into the doorframe, but it works great and it was cheap!!

I have the chin up bar from Beachbody. I can't remember if I ordered it accidentally or not. Their check-out is a never ending series of promotional pages!!!!!

Anyhow, I like how the one from BB has 3 pairs of padding for the different hand grips. I also like how the bar contours further out and wider than the standard doorway opening to accommodate a wide grip chin up.

I don't have it (my dh made me one in the garage) but my brother just got one from Beachbody. He said it's awesome!! He ordered it through my site so if you want, you can order it there too! HTH!


BTW, good luck!! P90X is an awesome program, I'm on day 65 of my 2nd round and LOVE it!!!!!!!
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. My DH beat me to the punch -when I told him I wanted a chin up bar he said he would use it too .He came home with one from Dick's sporting store on Sat.So,I will be using that one (the one with a bracket and straight bar) for now
Thanks again for your help
px90-chin up bar

I just received my px90 discs. I also ordered the package with the chin up bar, bands, and recovery drink. I don't know what is wrong with the chin up bar, but the nuts don't screw all the way up so the whole thing seems like it is going to fall apart. I put the mounts into my wall and tried to hang on it. There is no way anyone is doing a chin up on this thing. I called beach body and they don't pay for shipping returns. I can only imagine how much it is going to cost to ship this stupid thing back. Very disappointed

Regarding the workouts - I did the chest/back, ab ripper and ploymetrics yesterday (had to make up Monday). The chest and back routine was killer (don't buy this if you don't like doing push ups and pull ups, because that is all this workout is). I wrote down the workout and went to the gym and used the assisted chin up bar. I cannot move my upper body today. While doing ploymetrics, I didn't find it that hard to do. I think cathe's boot camp is harder. But I guess doing different exercises really made the difference - my legs are killing me today. Ab ripper - I didn't really like the 11 exercises that he did, but my abs are killing me. I can't wait to try out the rest of the series. It is different and I like the change.

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