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I had breast Augmentation 4 months ago, and am concerned about doing any direct chest exercises such a chest press or pushups out of fear that I might displace my implants (which are under the muscle)....I'm mainly focused on my legs at the moment anyway, but am wanting to incorporate some upper body training as well.

I obviously wont be doing any workout which is specifically directed at chest, but when it comes to boot camps or anything that just has a little chest here and there....are there any exercises that I can maybe do to replace the chest exercises? Dont want to feel like I'm avoiding the whole workout just because theres some pushups in there....


I highly recommend speaking w/ your plastic surgeon. They would know best how your healing process is going. Also, listen to your body. If you're doing something that doesn't feel good, STOP!! Once you get the ok, make sure you have a sturdy top to wear to keep things in place. The healing process can take months. Been there myself.

You can try to do bi's/tri's MAYBE.


The complete healing process for plastic surgery (I've had a tummy tuck) is normally about 6 mos. For all the fine tissues, microtears, bruising and swelling to dissipate.
After that, you should not have any concerns.
I'd consult your plastic surgeon.
This topic does not get openly talked about despite the fact that many fitness model
athletes opt for enhanced chest! It is common and without aiming to judge, each their own choice:)
People should mind their own chest!;):eek::)

Here is what T nation has to share on this delicate topic:

From a fact, one good friend of mine who is a Bikini competitor workout with them with no issue.
I have been told over muscles is better. Just as someone previously quoted, you do not want to take the
risk to mess up your muscles tissues. I know another friend who has an over enhancement which look natural.
She works without any issue.

Just like in fitness, people get different results according to the body type, genetic and training protocol:).
One with enough breast tissue would get an over enhancement and obtain a naturally nice look!

With a reasonable size, she can walk unoticed!;):)

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I had breast Augmentation 4 months ago, and am concerned about doing any direct chest exercises such a chest press or pushups out of fear that I might displace my implants (which are under the muscle)....
Here below is the answer:

Can I Work Out After Having Implants?

For the first month, you will not be able to do any exercise. I started doing cardio about 3 weeks after the procedure. I did the treadmill and the cross trainer. Make sure while you are doing the cardio, your breast are not bouncing up and down. When on the elliptical do not use your arms. When you are already to begin doing resistance training, make sure you train your chest with lightweight. A quote from the magazine Oxygen November 2001 P. Tangy states "It has been my experience that increasing the density of the pectoral muscle through heavy resistance has an unsightly side effect: as the muscle becomes thicker, it forces the underlying implant to migrate laterally.

This is not to say that this will happen to everyone, but there's a risk. I do however recommend doing functional chest moves, such as pushups and boxing." You need to make sure you work out chest. Do not stop working this muscle because you are afraid the implants are going to reposition them selves to the sides. You need to work out your whole body in order to have a symmetrical appearance. Marla Duncan states in the Oxygen magazine October 2002, " I recommend light chest training to create an overall balanced look with balanced upper body strength to match."



Extracted from article

That is going to rely on the surgeon. I’ve known a wide range of recreation suggestions from different surgeons. My surgeon said I could do low impact cardio at the third-week point and gradually increase from there. If it doesn’t feel right or feel any pain don’t do it basically. I started running at four weeks and lifting at six weeks and just gradually eased into working my chest again with light weights. Six months out I still take it easier on my chest. It feels almost normal and I’m back to doing standard pushups. According to this link, recovery of breast augmentation typically takes around 6 to 8 weeks. You should just follow your surgeons' instructions for you to ensure a smooth recovery.
Well, you can do push-UPS. There's no way you can displace the implants. Moreover, 4 months have already passed. It would be nice if you started doing full-body workouts so that your arms don't atrophy. I'm telling you this as someone who has had breast augmentation surgery . I started resuming my trainings two months after the operation, of course consulted with highly-qualified surgeons who are doing their job perfectly. So don't be afraid and start doing workouts on your upper body.
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